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The system administrator overseeing the IBM Sterling Order Management installation has

requested that the QA team provide a version number with each build deployed to production. This

version number will then be used to ascertain the version of the configuration present in

production. How should the QA manager satisfy this request?

A. The QA manager does not have to do anything because the version number is inserted

automatically by the build process into the web.xml fileand will be made available by the

application server.

B. The QA manager should request the development team implement a user exit of the

getSystemProperties API such that the API will return theversion number of the configuration

currently deployed.

C. The QA manager should use the data versioning feature provided by the Configuration

Deployment Toolkit. The system administrator can thenlaunch the Applications Manager to view

the version details.

D. The configuration version number should be present in a custom table and updated with each

build. The APIs generated by the IBM SterlingOrder Management database extensibility

framework can be used by the system administrator to identify the version.

Answer: C



Configuring the weighting column of an Aggregator stage affects which two options. (Choose two.)

A. Sum

B. Maximum Value

C. Average of Weights

D. Coefficient of Variation

E. Uncorrected Sum of Squares

Answer: A,E



While trying to get messages from its input queue a program is receiving notification that no messages are

available. However, the queue depth indicates that there are messages on the queue. Which of the

following are possible explanations for this?

A. The program lost the authority to get messages from this queue as a result of an administratoraction.

B. Messages have been put to the queue by another program, but have not been committed yet.

C. The program is failing to specify a MsgId or CorrelId, so no messages are being are beingreturned

when it issues an MQGET.

D. The program is specifying a particular MsgId or CorrelId that does not match any messagescurrently

on the queue.

E. The queue has been set to et inhibitedby an administrator.The queue has been set toyetInhibitedby an


Correct Answer: BD


A banking customer is implementing a new mainframe application that requires Count

Key Data disk and deduplication Virtual Tape Library. What combination of products

meets the criteria?

A. IBM DS8800 and IBM ProtecTIER TS7680

B. IBM DS5300 and IBM ProtecTIER TS7650G

C. IBM Storwize V7000 and IBM ProtecTIER TS7610

D. IBM N series and IBM ProtecTIER TS7650 Appliance

Answer: A


A custom application program is submitted daily by operations personnel using the CALL command. The program has a requirement that the prior days backup tape volume serial be passed via a parameter so the program can read the tape. The program has failed due to syntax errors when entering the CALL command and parameters.

What can the administrator do to help minimize similar errors?

A. Use the Check Tape command and set the Exit parameter to call the program.

B. Create a Job Schedule Entry to call the program and prompt for the parameter.

C. Use the command SBMJOB to call the program and set the OTAPE data area parameter to *LAST.

D. Develop a CL program to capture the correct parameter value. call the program, and pass the parameter.

Correct Answer: D


The number of File Set data files created depends upon what two items? (Choose two.)

A. Amount of memory.

B. Schema definition of the file.

C. Operating system limitations.

D. Number of logical processing nodes.

E. Number of disks in the export or default disk pool connected to each processing node in the

default node pool.

Answer: D,E



What does the following XSL template resolve?

<xs:templale match=


Who is responsible for the hardware and application costs in an Infrastructure as a Service public


A. The public cloud provider

B. The consumer ordering the service

C. The hardware vendor supplying the hosting infrastructure

D. The hardware costs are paid for by the public cloud provider and the application costs are paid

for by the consumer

Answer: D



TCOnow! for Disk provides what value?

A. Provides the CIO with an ROI comparison

B. Compares speeds and feeds of disk storage systems

C. Analysis of a \’head to head\’ comparison of disk storage solutions

D. Compares features of Storage Systems advanced functions and software

Answer: C


In an IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business V6.1.1 environment, it is discovered that

WebSEAL is not able to check for authorization database updates. What could be the


A. port 7523 is closed on the firewall

B. port 7135 on the firewall is not open

C. pdrte is not installed on the WebSEAL machine

D. the Secure Socket Layer junction from WebSEAL to the Policy Server is configured


Answer: B


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