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While updating an enterprise application on a production cluster running across multiple

machines, a system administrator must ensure that the application relains available at all times to

the users. After updating the application components, what srep can be used to accomplish this


A. On the last page of the Enterprise Application -> Update wizard, click Rollout Update

B. Select System Administration -> Nodes, select node names and click Full Resynchronize

C. Select Enterprise Application -> [application name] -> Stop and then Enterprise Applications >[

application name] -> Start

D. Select Servers -> Clusters ->[clustername] -> RippleStart

Answer: A


A company would like to use a DataPower appliance to process messages from 3 different

systems. The protocols for each system are: HTTP, HTTPS, and MQ. The solution implementer

wants to use a single multi-protocol gateway (MPGW) service to handle all 3 types of messages.

How can the solution implementer configure the MPGW service?

A. Create 3 Front Side Handlers, one for each protocol

B. Create 1 shared HTTP/HTTPS Front Side Handler, and 1 MQ Front Side Handler

C. Only 1 Front Side Handler can be used for each MPGW

D. All Front Side Handlers for a MPGW must be of same protocol type

Answer: A



A solution implementer needs to configure SSL mutual authentication between DataPower and a

secure backend server. The secure backend server requires the client to send a certificate for

authentication. What step must the solution implementer take to allow SSL mutual authentication

when DataPower acts as the client in this scenario?

A. Set the ciphers list to “HIGH” in the crypto profile.

B. Configure the SSL proxy profile to be in “two-way” mode.

C. Configure an identification credentials object to allow the verification of client identity.

D. Enable the “Permit Connections to Insecure SSL Servers” setting in the SSL proxy profile.

Answer: C



Given the context of the IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture V3, which two integration

use cases are best addressed by IBM WebSphere Cast Iron? (Choose two.)

A. Resource metering

B. Exposition of services

C. Event and alert management

D. Orchestration for mobile solutions

E. Data migration to Software as a Service providers

Answer: B,E



Which option describes one of the purposes of a manual IPL?

A. It is required to apply PTFs.

B. It allows more control over the system startup process.

C. It is the only way to start the system when there is a console problem.

D. It is required to recover the system from a previous abnormal system end caused by ENDJOBABN.

Correct Answer: B


An administrator needs to restore a physical file DATALIB/SMALLFILE from a Save 21 backup of library DATALIB. DATALIB has several hundred large database files plus other objects.

The administrator has the job log and output from the last full save of DATALIB. What should the administrator do to restore SMALLFILE in the shortest time?

A. Run the RST command for object “/QSYS.LIB/DATALIB.LIB/SMALLFILE.FILE”

B. Delete SMALLFILE, run RSTLIB specifying *NEW objects, and specify library DATALIB as the starting library.

C. Run RSTLIB for library DATALIB specifying the position parameter for SMALLFILE in library DATALIB from the output of the save.

D. Run RSTOBJ for DATALIB/SMALLFILE specifying the position and sequence number for SMALLFILE

in library DATALIB from the output of the save. Correct Answer: D


A system has been redeployed, and is now a single partition IBM i 7.1 system with LAN Console. The administrator notices a message when using DSPPTE LICPGM (5770999) which states MHxxxxx PTFs cannot be installed.

What is the most likely reason this is occurring?

A. There is a damaged LIC PTF on the system.

B. The firmware is set to accept maintenance from an HMC.

C. INZSYS was not successfully completed when the system was reloaded.

D. The system was not completely scratched and reloaded using IPL mode “D”.

Correct Answer: B


You are responsible for deploying objects into your customers production environment. To ensure

the stability of the production system the customer does not permit compilers on production

machines. They have also protected the project and only development machines have the

required compiler. What option will enable jobs with a parallel transformer to execute in the

customers production machines?

A. Add $APT_COMPILE_OPT=-portable


C. Use protected projects in the production environment.

D. Create a package with Information Server Manager and select the option to include


Answer: D



Given the following entry from a sample file:

jdbcService.db2Pool.datasource=db2_transaction_pool What does jdbcService signify?

A. the property file descriptor

B. the service used to connect to the DB2 database

C. the name of the database used by the application

D. the datasource name used to connect to the DB2 database

Answer: A



Refer to the Exhibit for the setup of queue managers in a company. An application connected to QMGR1

needs to send messages to queue QMGR3.LOCAL. The administrator creates the following definition on


RNAME(QMGR3.LOCAL) XMITQ(QMGR2) The application puts 7000 messages upon starting

onQMGR3.REMOTE which results on a queue full condition on QMGR3.LOCAL. Where would the excess

messages end up?



C. Transmit Queue QMGR2

D. Transmit Queue QMGR3

Correct Answer: B



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