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Which IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) servers support server side data deduplication?

A. TSM V6.2 servers only

B. TSM V6.1 or later servers

C. TSM V5.4 or later servers

D. TSM V5.5 or later servers

Answer: B


What can be used to view IBM Tivoli Directory Server settings?

A. idsdirctl

B. ldap.conf

C. ibmldap.conf

D. idsldapsearch

Answer: D



An administrator has a hardware environment including POWER5, POWER6 and POWER7 architectures.

A requirement exists to improve availability across all platforms without additional costs.

What technology should be considered?

A. Live Application Mobility

B. Live Partition Mobility

C. Multiple Shared Storage Pools

D. Resource Monitoring and Control

Correct Answer: A


During a migration the system is mistakenly IPLed. The data migration is successfully resumed and completed.

When the administrator runs the RSTAUT command, no authorities are restored.

What is the most likely cause of the problem?

A. The RCLSTG command was not run before the data restore was resumed.

B. The storage management directory was overlayed as a result of the IPL.

C. The INZSYS command was not successfully run before restoring authorities.

D. The private authority table loaded by the RSTUSRPRF command was automatically deleted by the system IPL.

Correct Answer: D


All IBM-supplied user profiles and administrators\’ profiles in a system have inadvertently been disabled and an administrator needs to regain access into the system.

What should the administrator do?

A. Sign on to the system console as user QSECOFR.

B. Reinstall the system License Internal Code to reset the QSECOFR profile.

C. Use Function 21 on the control panel 7 times to reset the QSECOFR profile.

D. Sign on with any user that has *JOBCTL authority and CALL QIBMSECRST (`QSECOFR\’ *DEFAULT 1).

Correct Answer: A

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