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A customer has been experiencing network issues. When their network switch resets, the Ethernet line on IBM i fails. What is the correct setting for the line description so that it will continuously retry until the network switch recovers?





Correct Answer: B


Before submitting a long form, an application needs to explicitly detect that the device is connected to

the Worklight server. How can this be done?

A. Add an event listener to WL.Events.WORKLIGHT_IS_CONNECTED and handle the submission of the

form in the callback.

B. Add an event listener to WL.Events.WORKLIGHT_IS_DISCONNECTED and handle the submission

of the form in the callback.

C. Use WL.Client.invokeProcedure() to a procedure and then handle the submission of the form in the

callback onSuccess.


Use WL.Device.getNetworkInfo() and handle the submission of the form in the callback after checking

that isNetworkConnected is true.

Correct Answer: C


Which scenario would be most appropriate for a private cloud?

A. A community-based forum

B. A critical production workload

C. A Web-based file sharing service

D. Media streaming to mobile devices

Answer: B



What utilities are available to monitor the Virtual IO Server performance?

A. sar, top and mon

B. ioo, vmo and topas

C. ifconfig and traceroute

D. Performance Toolbox Agent and Manager

Answer: B


When is it BEST to use validation in an XML application?

A. The application is being developed but not during production, when performance is more


B. The source of the XML data is untrusted

C. Validating stylesheets are used

D. High performance is an important architectural constraint

Answer: B


A solution implementer has created a Deployment Policy to scan through configuration objects when

they are imported and to remove any references to appliance specific settings such as the Ethernet


Which of the following Deployment Policy settings would provide this functionality? (choose two)

A. A Filtered Configuration with a list of the objects that are to be included.

B. A Filtered Configuration with a list of the objects that are to be excluded.

C. A Rejected Configuration with a list of the objects that must be rejected during import.

D. An Accepted Configuration with a list of the correct values for the properties for any named objects

that will be updated during import.

E. A Modified Configuration with rules specifying Delete Configuration for the object references to be

removed on import.

Correct Answer: BE


A customer business requirement addresses data encryption implemented in tape and disk media. They

plan to deploy a DS8700 to provide enterprise class storage and plan to configure the DS8700 with SSD

and Fiber Channel disk drives. Which statement is TRUE regarding disk encryption?

A. SSD disk encryption does not consume space

B. SSD disk is faster than FC disk for encryption

C. no space is wasted due to encryption on DS8700

D. there is higher processor utilization using FDE drives

Correct Answer: C


How can an administrator list all VIO server (VIOS) commands run by any user?

A. The history -t command run as the padmin user.

B. The ioslog command run as the root user.

C. The alog -t ios command run as the root user.

D. The lsgcl command run as the padmin user.

Correct Answer: B


If a system administrator is creating a wsadmin script, and within the script it is necessary to

create several JMS Connection Factories and JDBC. Dtasources, which of the following wsadmin

scripting objects should be used?

A. AdminConfig

B. AdminControl

C. AdminApp

D. AdminTask

Answer: A


If a system administrator uses the Tivoli Performance Viewer to monitor application servlets and

EJB\’s which of the following sets of metrics should be viewed in order to BEST evaluate the

performance of the application?

A. Average response time, heap size, garbage collection statistics

B. Average response time, number of requests/transactions, number of HTTP sessions

C. Average response time, heap size of datasource connection pool.

D. Number of transactions, size of datasource connection pool, CPU utilization

Answer: B

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