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Which statement is true about non-functional requirements?

A. They cannot be measured.

B. They include choice of hypervisor and operating systems.

C. They are not as important as functional requirements by definition.

D. They can dictate placement of key cloud infrastructure components.

Answer: D



A solution implementer has configured a processing policy that executes a stylesheet with the following

code snippet:

Which MQ front side handler properties should the solution implementer configure to allow this code

snippet to access the message property named “myprop”?

A. Enable Parse Properties

B. Select the Exclude Message Header property “Message Properties (MQMP)”

C. Select the Exclude Message Header property “Rules and Formatting Header (MQRFH)”

D. Select the Exclude Message Header property “Rules and Formatting Header (MQRFH2)”

Correct Answer: A


What are three valid interfaces to be Consumed from a cloud service provider for business to

business Software as a Service? (Choose three.)

A. Billing API

B. Secure FTP


D. Virtualization API

E. Monitoring interfaces

F. HTML-based user interlaces

Answer: A,E,F



An administrator has created a virtual media repository to hold images for a file backed virtual optical

device. The administrator would now like to load an ISO image, aix7.iso into the repository.

Which of the following commands will achieve this?

A. loadsp -sp aix7 -fb aix7.iso

B. loadopt -vtd aix7 -disk aix7.iso

C. mkrep -vopt aix7 -file aix7.iso -fb

D. mkvopt -name aix7 -file aix7.iso -ro

Correct Answer: D


After installation of Licensed internal code (LIC) and the base operating system, the administrator IPLs with “B Normal”. After the IPL completes, the administrator received the following message when attempting to complete the installation:

CPF3D8F: Cannot install library QGPL.

What is wrong and what must the administrator do to continue the installation?

A. Subsystems other than the controlling subsystem are running.End all subsystems and start installing the licensed programs again.

B. The IPL partition settings were not correct.Change the settings to “A Manual”, IPL the system again, then start installing the licensed programs.

C. The IPL should not have been run until the installation of licensed programs was successfully completed. Start the process again from the beginning.

D. The option to install the library QGPL was skipped during installation of the base operating system. Run the installation process again, install the QGPL library, and then continue the installation.

Correct Answer: A


A system administrator installed the WebSphere v6 plug-in on a machine that has a Web server

and multiple application server profiles. A deployment manager was not used at this time. In this

situation, Web server can be managed from the administrative console by connecting to which

profile (s)?

A. Any of the profiles on that machine

B. The profile that was created first

C. The profile that was created last

D. The default profile

Answer: D


A customer has created a multi-protocol gateway with a request type of JSON. Within the request rule, an

action needs access to the input in JSONx format. What are the possible ways that a solution implementer

can retrieve this data in XML? (choose two)

A. Set the Convert Input property in the Advanced tab to On.

B. Set the action\’s input context to the value \’__JSONASJSONX\’.

C. Insert a Fetch action, and select JSONx as the Output Type on the Advanced tab.

D. Insert a Transform action, and select store:///jsontojsonx.xsl from the drop-down list.

E. Insert a Convert query parameters to XML (convert-http) action, and select a Default Encoding of

\’JSON\’ in the Input Conversion Map.

Correct Answer: BE


Which option is a pattern provided by Platform Services Adoption Pattern?

A. Network Deployment and Management

B. Security Infrastructure and Management

C. Hardware Deployment and Management

D. Middleware Deployment and Management

Answer: D


Which of the following statements is NOT a capability of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)?

A. CSS has a rule-based syntax that is non-XML.

B. CSS has some of the same styling capabilities offered by XSL-FO.

C. CSS supports right-to-left text.

D. CSS can be used when the structure of the source document is very close to the final display


Answer: C


Message traffic from a customer purchasing system is passing SOAP messages through a DataPower

XI52 appliance. A solution implementer uses a multi-protocol gateway to implement WS-Security to

encrypt the complete message. Which of the following parameters should the solution implementer select

to correctly configure the Encrypt action?

A. Envelop Method: WSSec encryption

Message Type : SOAP Message

Document Crypto Map : None

B. Envelop Method: WS-Security

Message Type : SOAP Message

Document Crypto Map : store:///encrypt_message.xsl

C. Envelop Method: Standard XML encryption

Message Type : SOAP Message

Document Crypto Map : store:///encrypt_message.xsl

D. Envelop Method: Advanced

Message Type : Raw XML document

Document Crypto Map : store:///ws_security_encrypt.xsl

Correct Answer: A

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