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A developer wants to create a procedure called getAccountInfo in a Worklight SQL adapter to retrieve

account information from a backend database. The procedure should invoke a SQL query that accepts an

accountID as parameter and returns the accountNumber, accountName and accountBalance of the

corresponding row in the Account table.

What is a correct implementation of the procedure in the adapter\’s JavaScript file? — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

D. Option D

Correct Answer: A


Message traffic from a customer purchasing system is passing SOAP messages through a

DataPower XI52 appliance. A solution implementer uses a multi-protocol gateway to implement

WS-Security to encrypt the complete message. Which of the following parameters should the

solution implementer select to correctly configure the Encrypt action?

A. Envelop Method: WSSec encryption

Message Type : SOAP Message

Document Crypto Map : None

B. Envelop Method: WS-Security

Message Type : SOAP Message

Document Crypto Map : store:///encrypt_message.xsl

C. Envelop Method: Standard XML encryption

Message Type : SOAP Message

Document Crypto Map : store:///encrypt_message.xsl

D. Envelop Method: Advanced

Message Type : Raw XML document

Document Crypto Map : store:///ws_security_encrypt.xsl

Answer: A



Which command creates the IBM Tivoli Directory Server instance owner user ID?

A. lipmodify -u AdminUser

B. useraddids -u AdminUser

C. idsadduser -u AdminUser

D. ibmidsadduser -u AdminUser

Answer: C



Which of the following must a system administrator define when creating a JDBC provider at the

cluster scope?

A. All datasources for this JDBC provider at the cluster level.

B. An XA data source implementation type, for the JDBC driver.

C. The symbolic Variable used in the class path to the JDBC driver for each node in the cluster

D. The J2C authentication data entry for the datasource at the cluster scope.

Answer: C


An administrator needs to access the HMC remotely from a browser on a desktop. When user ID “hscroot” is used, the authentication is successful. However, when user ID “admin” is used, the authentication fails, even though the ID has hmc super user as the Task Role. The user “admin” can sign on locally at the HMC.

What is the likely cause of the problem?

A. The web access password for “admin” is expired.

B. Only user “hscroot” has authority to the ETH1 device.

C. The user “admin” is not a member of the “webadmin” group.

D. Allow Remote Access via the Web has not been checked for the user id “admin.”

Correct Answer: D

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