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A customer is planning a combined solution of a 2 node SVC and DS8700 with 128×300 GB FC disks.

During the TDA the reviewer compares the machine configuration with the customer\’s expectations. Which

of the following customer requirements must be considered?

A. the number of SAN ports required by the solution

B. thin provisioning is mandatory

C. the solution needs to support RAID 0

D. the solution needs to be supported by the VMware Site Recovery Manager

Correct Answer: A


On a system with a single ASP, an I/O intensive batch job that normally completes in 30 minutes is still running after 2 hours. CPU utilization on the system is less than 10% and memory is not constrained. The WRKDSKSTS command shows the following: What should be administrator do to improve performance?

A. Run Start Disk Reorganization (STRDSKRGZ)

B. Run ASP Balancing with a Balance Type of *MOVDTA

C. RUN Reclaim Storage with a Select Type of * RSMLAC

D. Run ASP Balancing with a Balance Type of *CAPACITY

Correct Answer: D QUESTION NO:54

Given the output below from the EDTOBJTAUT (Edit Object Authority) command, what does it mean when the *PUBLIC authority for that object is set to *AUTL?

A. Only the users on the AGILE list can access the object.

B. The \’PUBLIC object authority is obtained from the AGILE \’PUBLIC authority.

C. The “PUBLIC object authority is the same as the AGILE owner\’s “PUBLIC authority.

D. A user with authorization list management permissions has object management permissions

Correct Answer: B


What is the return code that pdbackup sends when it has successfully completed?

A. -1

B. 0

C. 1

D. 2

Answer: B



A user in the op_storage group logs onto the DS GUI and goes to the User Administration panel. Which

users can be seen and what actions can be performed?

A. the user can see all other users, including those in the Admin group, but can modify only the user

accounts in theOp_volume and Monitor group

B. the user can see all the users except those in the Admin group, but can only modify the user\’s own


C. the user can see only the user\’s own account, and cannot modify it

D. the user can see only the user\’s own account, and can change the password only

Correct Answer: D

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