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An administrator has a hardware environment including POWER5, POWER6 and POWER7 architectures.

A requirement exists to improve availability across all platforms without additional costs.

What technology should be considered?

A. Live Application Mobility

B. Live Partition Mobility

C. Multiple Shared Storage Pools

D. Resource Monitoring and Control

Correct Answer: A


Given the output below from the EDTOBJTAUT (Edit Object Authority) command, what does it mean when the *PUBLIC authority for that object is set to *AUTL?

A. Only the users on the AGILE list can access the object.

B. The \’PUBLIC object authority is obtained from the AGILE \’PUBLIC authority.

C. The “PUBLIC object authority is the same as the AGILE owner\’s “PUBLIC authority.

D. A user with authorization list management permissions has object management permissions

Correct Answer: B


When installing the Group HIPER PTE5 (SE99709 for IBM i 7.1), the administrator discovered that only the first PTE on the DVD was installed. What is the most likely reason this occurred?

A. The incorrect option on the PTE menu was used to install the PTFs.

B. The platform was IPLed from the “P” side1 instead of from the “T” side.

C. A firmware upgrade was not performed prior to installing the Group HIPER.

D. The system was IPLed from the “A” side, and needed to be IPLed from the “B” side.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION NO:27

An administrator issues the WRKSYSACT command on a system partition using dedicated processors and the following result displays:

Current processing capacity 2

What does the current processing capacity value indicate?

A. The percentage of CPU currently available for system jobs.

B. The share of the physical processors in the pool it is running.

C. The number of processing units currently assigned to the partition.

D. The number of virtual processors that are currently active in the partition.

Correct Answer: C


Consider the following XML Schema fragment:

<xsd:element name=

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