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A p5 570 customer is currently running AIX 5.3. The customer now wants to add Virtual Ethernet

to two of the LPARs. This will enable the application tier can communicate to the database tier

without using an external Ethernet card. What is the best way to accomplish this task?

A. Create a VIO server

B. Modify the LPAR profiles to add a Virtual Ethernet adapter

C. Buy the Advanced Power Virtualization feature and enter a authorization code at the HMC

D. Buy the Advanced Power Virtualization feature and enter a authorization code at the service

processor menu

Answer: B


An administrator has been asked to update an IBM i 7.1 system to the most current Technology Refresh available from IBM. Which method is the most appropriate to achieve the update?

A. Perform a D-mode IPL using the Technology Group PTF package SF99707.

B. Perform a slip install using the most current 1_Base_01 resave media available.

C. Perform a scratch install using the most current 1_Base_01 resave media available.

D. Perform an install of the Technology Group PTF package SF99707 using the GO PTF menu.

Correct Answer: D


A web service proxy is receiving orders from partners as SOAP messages. The service is required to

reject messages if the total order cost in the message does not match the sum of the individual item costs.

What can the solution implementer do to support this requirement?

A. Create an XML Schema that enforces the above business requirements and uses this schema in a

Validate action.

B. Create a style sheet which performs the mathematical comparison and uses either a or

, and use this in a Filter action.

C. Configure an SLM Statement with the Threshold Level that computes the total order cost, and if it does

not match the total value then throttle the transaction.

D. Define the requirement in a WS-Policy attachment for the service. The web service proxy will then

automatically perform the mathematical comparison and reject any invalid messages.

Correct Answer: B


A developer is comparing a Configuration schema from the Test environment with a Configuration

schema from the Production environment using the Configuration Deployment Tool (CDT). Some

Master tables, such as YFS_CUSTOMER and YFS_USER, do not exist in either the source or

target schema. The CDT throws “table not found” errors. Which command enables the CDT to

ignore the missing tables?

A. -IgnoreMasterTables Y

B. -IgnoreMissingTables Y

C. -IgnoreTablesNotFound Y

D. -IgnoreMasterTables YFS_CUSTOMER YFS_USER

E. -IgnoreMissingTables YFS_CUSTOMER YFS_USER

Answer: B



A client requires that alerts generated from an IBM BladeCenter chassis and blade server be

forwarded to their help desk for action. They do not use SNMP or a systems management

program. How is the AMM configured so that the alerts will reach the client\’s help desk?

A. Forward Desktop Management Interface (DMI) alerts to the help desk

B. Send the alerts to the help desk via email

C. Send the alerts to the helpdeskv via instant message

D. Send the alerts to the client\’s AMM

Answer: B

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