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A number of uncapped partitions, which do not use multiple shared processor pools, are requesting

additional processor resources. There are not enough resources available to satisfy all the requests. How

does the hypervisor determine allocation of the available resources?

A. Each partition would receive a share based on weighting value of the partition as a fraction 1000 clock

ticks for a millisecond.

B. Each partition would receive a share of the available resource based on the delta between the desired

and maximum entitlement.

C. Each partition would receive a share based on the weighting value of the partition as a fraction of the

sum of all the requesting partitions weights.

D. Each partition would receive a share based on the maximum entitlement of the partition as a fraction of

the sum of all the requesting partitions\’ entitlements.

Correct Answer: C


Which function of FastBack could assist in the event of a client disk failure?

A. FastBack Image Store

B. Disk Regenerator Utility

C. Bare Machine Recovery

D. FastBack Recovery Manager

Answer: C


A Worklight application does not need to connect to a server on startup. However, when previewing the

application on the device emulator, it is throwing a server connection error on start up. What is the

consequence if the connection error is resolved using the WL.Client.init({connectOnStartup:false}) API to

disable the connection to the server on application startup?

A. The application will not be able to subsequently connect to the server.

B. Server features other than the Remote Disable or Direct Update will be disabled.

C. Any server features the application uses will only be available when it connects to the server.

D. There will be no potential consequences as the runtime will safely disable server connectivity errors.

Correct Answer: C


A client is designing a system to support three 24×7 applications, each in a different environment. The plan

is to host these applications on a new POWER7 based server to add to their existing POWER6 servers.

Virtual I/O Server will not be used.

The applications have the following OS and processor requirements:

AIX 6.1 with a peak of 2 cores between 10am-2pm

AIX 5.3 with a peak of 2 cores between 5pm-10pm

AIX 5.2 with a peak of 2 cores between 3am-7am

Outside the peak periods, the processor utilization is extremely low.

Which of the following configurations supports the design requirements?

A. Each applications each needs its own LPAR running native AIX.The LPAR must be running the

appropriate version of AIX.The LPARs can all use the shared pool and be uncapped.

B. The AIX 5.2 can be hosted in a WPAR in an AIX 7.1 LPAR.The AIX 5.3 and AIX 6.1 can each have

their own LPAR.All LPARs can use the shared processor pool.

C. A minimum of four processor activations is required.Two dedicated processors for an AIX 5.2

LPAR.AIX 5.3 and AIX 6.1 can share 2 processors

D. The LPAR profiles can set the processor mode to POWER6The AIX 6.1 and AIX 5.3 LPARs can be

migrated using Live Partition Mobility.The AIX 5.2 could only be migrated if it is in a WPAR.

Correct Answer: B


A current IBM System Storage DS8000 open systems customer needs a temporary copy of data that will

be needed for only 12 hours. Which DS8000 function best satisfies this requirement?

A. Multiple RelationshipFlashCopy

B. IncrementalFlashCopy


FlashCopy SE

D. Data SetFlashCopy

Correct Answer: C

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