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The scheduling rule has the following configuration:

Inventory availability across the fulfillment network is as follows:

What will be the result of scheduling the following order?

A. The whole order will get backordered.

B. Line 1 will be sourced from DC1 while lines 2 and 3 will get canceled due to insufficient


C. Line 1 will be sourced from DC1, 2 units from Line 2 will be sourced from DC2 and the

remaining order will be backordered.

D. A transfer order will be created to move i2 from DC2 to DC1, and lines 1 and 2 will be sourced

from DC1. Line 3 will get backordered.

Answer: A



A Client sends a message to a multi-protocol gateway which uses HTTP basic authentication to

authenticate the Client by using LDAP. The parameters and transaction flow information is

provided below:

How is the Client authenticated?

A. The user name and password part of the HTTP basic authentication message are used to log in

(bind) to the LDAP server.

B. The HTTP basic authentication is used with the DataPower XML authentication file. The output

credentials are used to authenticate the LDAPdirectory server.

C. The password that is sent by the Client using the HTTP basic authentication header is a critical

part of the LDAP query and is used for thegenPassword() algorithm for Client bind LDAP


D. The LDAP bind DN and password are used to authenticate the appliance to the directory

service and the Client\’s user name and password areused to build the LDAP credentials to

authenticate the Client.

Answer: D



An IBM Worklight hybrid application supports Android 2.3 phones and tablets. It needs to be extended to

support Android 4 phones and tablets. After installing the Android 4 SDK, how can the IBM Worklight

Studio be used to accomplish this?

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A. Add a new application, environment, and create skins for Android 4 phones and tablets.

B. Add a new environment to existing application for Android 4, and create skins for Android 4 phones and



Add new skins for Android 4 phones and tablets to the existing Android environment, and

programmatically determine which skin to use atruntime.


Add new skins for Android 4 phones and tablets to the existing Android environment, and let

the runtime determine which skin to useautomatically.

Correct Answer: C


After installing IBM i 7.1 on a brand new system, only the QSECOFR user profile can login on the system console. The administrator copied the QSECOFR profile into a new user profile. When attempting to login with the new user profile, the following error is displayed:

“CPF1110 not authorized to work station.”

What is causing the error?

A. The DST Console type was not set during installation of the Os.

B. The QLMT5ECOFR system value is set to require explicit device access.

C. The limit device session parameter (LMTDEV55N) on the new user profile is set to tYE5.

D. The system does not allow automatic workstation device creation for users with *ALLOBJ authority.

Correct Answer: B


Which page element is the primary page request?

A. the page element marked in bold text

B. the first page element

C. the html page element

D. the page element with response code 200

Answer: A

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