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Where in IBM i Navigator can suggestions for improved database performance generated by the system be viewed and implemented?

A. Index Advisor

B. Health Center

C. Database Navigator

D. SQL Plan Cache Event Monitors

Correct Answer: A


The storage specialist sized a DS8800 proposal with eight host adapters in the four-port version. 240 drives

of the 146GB-15k rpm type will be installed. The proposal needs to meet a very competitive price. The

customer will have only minor capacity growth in the future. Which of the following solutions best meets

these requirements?

A. offer a DS8800 one-frame system in four-way processor version and standard cabling

B. offer a DS8800 one-frame system in two-way processor version and business class cabling

C. offer a DS8800 one-frame system in two-way processor version and standard cabling

D. offer a DS8800 one-frame system in four-way processor version and business class cabling

Correct Answer: A


A system has system values QCRTAUT set to *ALL and QSECURITY to 40.

A file, named PFILE, is secured by authorization list ALIST, and group profile AGROUP with authority\’ USE

ALIST specifies “PUBLIC authority \’EXCLUDE, and AUSER with \’CHANGE authority.

What authority does AUSER have to PFILE?





Correct Answer: C


During frequent communications failure hundreds of jobs are being ended at once. The production of these job logs significantly impact the system resources, and many spooled files are created. How could the administrator avoid the production of these job logs?

A. Set the QINACTMSGQ system value to *NOJOBLOG

B. Set the QCMNRCYLMT system value to infinite recovery attempts.

C. Set the LOGOUTPUT (Job log output) parameter to *PND in the job description.

D. Set the LOG (Message logging) parameter to 4 0 *NOLIST in the job description.

Correct Answer: C


A developer is writing an application that needs to support the HTC Thunderbolt and Motorola DROID Pro

devices. Using the Mobile Browser Simulator to preview the application, how can the developer switch

from one device to the other?

A. Launch a separate instance of Mobile Browser Simulator for each device.

B. Click the Switch label, then expand Android and select Motorola DROID Pro.

C. Click the drop down menu currently labeled HTC Thunderbolt, then expand Android and select

Motorola DROID Pro.

D. Click the Cordova API in the left hand side, expand the Device section and change the device simulator

from HTC Thunderbolt to MotorolaDROID Pro.

Correct Answer: C

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