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A customer is installing a new POWER7 server with IBM i as the host partition for three additional IBM i

partitions. The server has just one 4 port Ethernet card.

The administrator needs to achieve IP connectively for all four partitions.

What should the administrator do?

A. Purchase additional Ethernet cards for the client partitions.

B. Connect each partition to one of the ports on the 4 port Ethernet card.

C. On the hosting partition, create a bridge using one of the ports of the Ethernet card to a virtual Ethernet network. Connect each of the client partitions to the virtual Ethernet network.

D. Connect each partition to a virtual network.Configure IP on each client partition to use the host partition as an IP gateway.Add routes to the corporate router pointing to the host partition as the gateway to the client partitions.

Correct Answer: C


A WPAR environment is being planned. The WPARs will run applications which are to be completely

contained since the network is insecure. How would this be structured?

A. WPARs are to be accessed only through the global environment with a clogin.

B. A private network is automatically configured from the global environment to each WPAR.

C. The localnet attribute will be used on WPAR creation from the global environment.

D. Inside the WPAR, the net_login attribute of sys0 will be set to false.

Correct Answer: A


Which statement is true about a session ID or handle?

A. It is always provided dynamically from a datapool.

B. It is identified automatically as a datapool candidate, so the tester can optionally link it to a


C. It is usually generated dynamically in a custom code segment.

D. It is usually correlated automatically to a reference in an earlier response.

Answer: D


Corporate policy states that the service desk resets passwords after five failed logon

attempts. Which report provides the user identity qualifying for a password reset?

A. Locked Account History

B. User Password Change History

C. Failed Authorization Event History

D. Failed Authentication Event History

Answer: D



Which of the following steps does a customer use to upgrade the firmware on the AMM to the

latest level?

A. Open a Web browser and log on to the IMM?in the navigation frame, click IMM Firmware

Update under

IMM Control? click Browse? select the .exe file? click the Upgrade/Update button

B. TFTP to the AMM?from the Main Menu, select Update? browse to the downloaded .exe file

C. Telnet to AMM?from the Main Menu, select Update? browse to the downloaded .pkt file

D. Open a Web browser and log on to the AMM?in the navigation frame, click AMM Firmware

Update under AMM Control? click Browse? select the .pkt file? click the Upgrade/Update button

Answer: D

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