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The difference between XML Schema simple type and complex type is:

A. Only the predefined XML Schema types such as string and date are considered to be simple


B. A simple type is used only for defining attributes.

C. A complex type is used only for defining elements.

D. A pattern facet can only be associated with simple types.

E. Only complex types can have attributes.

F. Only simple types can have attributes.

Answer: E


A customer has four LPARs: VIO1, VIO2, LPAR1 and LPAR2 VIO Servers (VIOS) are configured with SEA

adapter failover and 802.1Q is enabled on the LPARs.

During scheduled maintenance, VIO1 is brought down and the SEA failover happens automatically.

However, network traffic is not leaving the VIO for LPAR1.

The SEA interfaces are setup as follows:


PVIDs 55,60,65,70


PVIDs 45,60,65,75

The LPARs have their virtual network devices setup as follows:

LPAR1 – Adapter ID 55 – VLAN ID 75

LPAR2 – Adapter ID 60 – VLAN ID 45

What is the reason for the networking problem?

A. LPAR1 has the wrong VLAN ID configured.

B. VIO2 has the wrong VLAN IDs configured.

C. The LPARs have the wrong adapter IDs configured.

D. The LPARs and the VIO servers are on different subnets.

Correct Answer: B


An administrator added a memory pool to a subsystem using the CHGSBSD SBSD(SBSA) POQLS((5 *SHRPOQL1 *N)) command. How can the administrator increase the activity level to 50 for the newly added memory pool?

A. Set maximum activity level in WRKSYSACT.

B. Use the activity level option in CHGSHRPOOL.

C. Change the maximum active jobs using CHGSBSD.

D. Set maximum activity using the CHGACTLVL command.

Correct Answer: B


Refer to the exhibit to answer the question.

1. Using YourCo marketplace, companies can quickly search and locate products and services


2. Once a company finds a products or service suitable for their need, the company can solicit

pricing information (quotations) from various sellers.

3. Multiple sellers of a same kind product or service can bid to sell a product.

4. Once the company finalizes the desired product(s), price and seller, it notifies the seller sends

an invoice to the customer.

5. The marketplace interacts with banks on behalf of the sellers and buyers to execute the

financial transitions of an exchange.

XML will be used extensively for data exchange between heterogeneous entities.

XML will be used for data exchange between the marketplace application and banks. The XML

will specify the structure of the document, constraints and datatypes. The bank has a custom

application that uses its own XML vocabulary to interface with its transaction processing

application. Exposing the bank


An administrator has a Power 720 with 64GB of memory and Active Memory Expansion (AME).

An LPAR has only 10GB of memory available and an application has been sized at 15GB of memory. The

administrator runs amepat to determine an efficient expansion factor. Based on the output, an expansion

factor of 1.6 has been chosen.

How should this be configured in the LPAR?

A. Enter 16GB as \’desired\’, enter 1.6 in the Active memory expansion factor field.

B. Enter 10GB as \’desired\’, enter 1.6 in the Active memory expansion factor field.

C. Enter 10GB as \’desired\’ and modify/etc/ame.conf with AME_RATIO=1.6.

D. Enter 16GB as \’desired\’ and modify/etc/ame.conf with AME_RATIO=1.6.

Correct Answer: B

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