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A customer has the following non-virtualized servers:

-three Exchange servers, each with 2.8 TB database

-five System i Domino servers, each with 2 TB database

-20 TB usable capacitySun/SAP cluster

-70 TB usable capacity of System p requirement

-annual growth rate of 12 TB usable capacity per year What is the most cost-effective solution for three


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A. IBM System Storage DS5020 with 300 GB drives

B. IBM System Storage DS5300 with 300 GB drives

C. IBM System Storage DS8700 with 300 GB drives

D. IBM System Storage DS5020 with 1 TB SATA drives

Correct Answer: C


A new Disaster Recovery site has been established using Metro Mirror to hold synchronous data at both

sites. After the Metro Mirror is started, one of the most important applications, a DB2 database, slows down.

An analysis shows that the I/O rate (especially write I/Os) is less than 40% compared to the former rates.

What is the best explanation for this behavior?

A. the bandwidth of the PPRC connection between the two sites is too small

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B. the DS8000 SFI at the remote site was shipped with slower disks

C. I/O rates vary, depending on the distance between the two sites and the rates cannot be changed

easily, due to latency

D. the DB2 database does not work with Metro Mirror without an additional license

Correct Answer: C


A developer wants to implement an adapter authentication solution. The developer created the following

challenge handler:

What should be placed in the “to be filled” parameter?

A. realm name

B. module name

C. procedure name

D. security test name

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Correct Answer: A


An LPAR was created on a POWER6 system with default processor/memory settings. It was migrated from

the POWER6 system to a POWER7 system. Over time, that LPAR has been shutdown and restarted.

An administrator now needs to migrate the LPAR back to the POWER6 system, but it fails to validate.

There have been no changes in the LPAR profile, network, or in the SAN configuration. Which action will

enable the operation to complete successfully?

A. Set the processor mode to default on the source profile and restart the LPAR.

B. Set the processor mode to POWER6 on the source profile and restart the LPAR.

C. Set the processor mode to Shared on the source profile and restart the LPAR.

D. Set the processor mode to Dedicated on the source profile and restart the LPAR.

Correct Answer: B


An SLM Policy has been associated with a web service proxy to restrict access to a backend web

service if one of a number of conditions has been met. The list of conditions are described in a series of

SLM statements. What Evaluation Method must the solution implementer select in the SLM Policy to

ensure that every SLM statement is checked until a throttle condition is executed?

A. terminate-at-first-reject

B. terminate-at-first-filter

C. terminate-at-first-action

D. terminate-at-first-refuse

Correct Answer: A

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