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A customer with a single IBM System Storage DS8100 reports severe performance problems for some of

their applications when a particular data warehousing application creates a heavy load. What is the most

cost effective way to resolve this issue?

A. add additional disks to the DS8100

B. add more cache to the DS8100

C. move affected volumes to a different disk enclosure

D. implement TPC for Disk to monitor performance

Correct Answer: C — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass


A customer has an IBM System Storage Enterprise Storage Server and several EMC CX3 systems

installed in a data center, attached to IBM System p servers. As a step toward data consolidation, they

intend to put all data on a new DS8700. What would be the most important data migration factors to


A. sector size and the amount of production data

B. existing RAID levels and the disk drive speed

C. sector size and existing RAID levels

D. amount of production data and the disk drive speed

Correct Answer: D


When is it necessary to use xsd:import instead of xsd: include to combine two XML Schemas?

A. When the two XML Schemas are not on the local machine.

B. When two different teams write the two XML Schemas.

C. When the two XML Schemas belong to two different target namespaces.

D. When the two XML Schemas have nothing in common.

Answer: C


Because of the amount of Web traffic and for fail-over purposes, an existing Web

infrastructure will be equipped with a second WebSEAL next to the one that is already

operational for several months. During these months several modifications have been

made to this first WebSEAL configuration. What is the best approach of making sure that

the second WebSEAL acts identically to the first one?

A. use the cloning option in the pdconfig while configuring the second WebSEAL

B. server task internet02-webseald-host02 server sync internet01-webseald-host01

C. make a complete operating system clone of the first machine and deploy it to the second


D. copy the first WebSEAL configuration file, webseald-internet01.conf, to the second

WebSEAL instance and rename it to webseald-internet02.conf

Answer: B



An administrator needs to determine the level of firmware running on an IBM i 7.1 system. How is this done?

A. Using the DSPFMWSTS command.The firmware levels on the system are presented in the resulting display.

B. In DST/SST start the Hardware Service Manager.Use P16 to print the hardware configuration.The active firmware level is provided in the report heading.

C. In DST/SST start the Hardware Service Manager.Select “Packaging Hardware Resources” option.The firmware level is displayed in the heading of the resulting panel.

D. In Operations Navigator, right-click on the system and select “Properties.” On the resulting panel, click the “Service” tab.The firmware level is on the resulting panel.

Correct Answer: A

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