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A single port on a physical Ethernet adapter (ent0) has failed on a VIO Server. The network devices are as


When using the diagmenu command to deconfigure the physical adapter, an error occurs saying the

adapter is in use.

What is the correct sequence to deconfigure the physical adapter?

A. Deconfigure ent3 first, then deconfigure ent0, ent1, ent2.

B. Deconfigure ent3 first, then deconfigure ent0, ent1

C. Deconfigure ent3 first, then deconfigure only ent0

D. Deconfigure ent3 first, then deconfigure ent0, ent2.

Correct Answer: B


An administrator is designing a new system. Redundancy is critical, and cost must be kept as low as


The system planned is a Power 770 with 2 enclosures, each with a 10Gb IVE. It will support 6 dedicated

production LPARs, 8 development LPARs, and 2 VIO Servers. Production and development networks

must be separate from each other.

Which of the following network solutions supports the requirements above?

A. Utilize the Integrated Virtual Ethernet adapter in each enclosureAllocate 1 logical port from each IVE in

each enclosure to each LPAR and VIO ServerConfigure 802.1Q on each LPAR

B. Allocate Integrated Virtual Ethernet adapters ports to the VIO ServersConfigure a Shared Ethernet

Adapter for production and another for developmentAllocate virtual network devices to LPARs

C. Use dedicated Ethernet cards in each Production LPAR using Ether channelAllocate two dedicated

Ethernet cards to the VIO ServersCreate a SEA and use for development LPARs

D. Run dedicated adapters in the VIO ServersConfigure a Shared Ethernet Adapter for production and

another for developmentAllocate virtual network devices to LPARs.

Correct Answer: A


The following changes are made to a Worklight mobile application: 1.Web resources of version 1 (v1) are

updated and deployed to the Worklight Server. 2.A new version 2 (v2) is deployed with its updateSilently

property set to true. What will be the direct update user experience on a device running v1 of the

application when the user chooses to receive update?

A. v1 is uninstalled first followed by a silent installation of v2.

B. v1 web resources are updated first followed by a silent installation of v2.

C. v1 web resources are reloaded after the update and the application remains on v1.

D. The user is prompted to choose between updating v1 or installing v2 in the background.

Correct Answer: C


An administrator manages a Power 750 server for application development testing. Full system

environments need to be deployed quickly to perform functional application testing. What is the fastest

method for the administrator to deploy new AIX environments for the testing staff?

A. Install a VIO server and install testing LPARs utilizing virtualized network and disks.

B. Install a NIM server LPAR on the system and perform installations on testing LPARs through Virtual

Ethernet adapters.

C. Use alt_disk_install to maintain a new image on alternate disks on testing LPARs.

D. Create a global LPAR and create test environments using WPAR.

Correct Answer: D


There are multiple property files which control the behavior of the FFDC filter. All of the following

are FFDC property files EXCEPT:

A. ffdcStart.properties – used while the server is starting

B. ffdcRun.properties – used after the server is ready

C. ffdcException.properties – used whenever an exception occurs

D. ffdcStop.properties – used while the server is in the process of stopping

Answer: C

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