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A customer is using the WebSphere V6 Default messaging provider as the messaging service.

The customer has the following configuration. Cell C1 has Bus A and B, whereas Cell C2 has Bus

C. All of the following are supported optional EXCEPT.

A. Configuring a link between Bus A and Bus B.

B. Configuring WebSphere MQ as a Foreign bus.

C. Configuring a link between Bus b AND Bus C.

D. Running a JMS Client on Bus A that gets messages from a destination on Bus C.

Answer: D


An administrator maintains a IBM i 6.1 development system with weekly PTF updates so the current cumulative, appropriate groups and current HIPER PTEs are always present for testing.

An upgrade to IBM i 7.1 is planned for the system.

What is critical for making certain that current fixes will also be present on the new release?

A. The PTF cross-reference PSP document

B. The Cumulative PTE contents PSP document

C. The IBM i Upgrade and Corrections PSP document

D. The IBM i Memo to Users Corrections PSP document

Correct Answer: A


A customer has two data centers, 500 kilometers apart. The customer requests a proposal for new

storage subsystems and a disaster recovery solution that provides consistent data in the event of a

disaster at the local site. Which IBM System Storage DS8000 solution should the storage specialist

propose to the client?

A. Metro/Global Mirror

B. Metro Mirror

C. Global Copy — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

D. Global Mirror

Correct Answer: D


Which command should be used to determine the total number of jobs (active and inactive) on a system?





Correct Answer: A


A solution implementer needs to configure SSL mutual authentication between DataPower and a

secure backend server. The secure backend server requires the client to send a certificate for

authentication. What step must the solution implementer take to allow SSL mutual authentication

when DataPower acts as the client in this scenario?

A. Set the ciphers list to “HIGH” in the crypto profile.

B. Configure the SSL proxy profile to be in “two-way” mode.

C. Configure an identification credentials object to allow the verification of client identity.

D. Enable the “Permit Connections to Insecure SSL Servers” setting in the SSL proxy profile.

Answer: C


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