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A customer requires services to be invoked as part of the event configuration. Whenever a service

is invoked, the event passes data as a map, which is converted to an XML with \’SterlingXML\’ as

the root tag. The customer wants to override this root tag value to ranSoftXML by setting the

converted to an XML with \’SterlingXML\’ as the root tag. The customer wants to override this root

tag value to ranSoftXML by setting the yfs.sci.event.flow.roottag property value. Which file must be

updated with the new value?

A. the custom event template xml file

B. ${INSTALL_DIR}/properties/sandbox.cfg file

C. ${INSTALL_DIR}/properties/ file

D. ${INSTALL_DIR}/properties/ file

Answer: C



A solution implementer has been tasked with monitoring a service and filtering requests based on how

long an external backend service takes to respond. The solution implementer has chosen to use the

message duration monitor in the DataPower service. Which “measure” value must the solution

implementer configure to satisfy this requirement?

A. Server

B. Requests

C. Messages

D. Responses

Correct Answer: A


A system administrator wants to ensure that nodes with different hardware resources participate

in a cluster as efficiently as possible. Which of the following should be used to BEST meet this


A. A load balancer to evenly distribute requests to cluster members

B. A fine grain application update with capabilities to tune cluster member applications to the


C. Weighted definitions for cluster members

D. Identical application components for all cluster members

Answer: C


The owner of node A data, which was backed up daily with the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)

scheduler, allows the TSM administrator to restore a specific file on another system. What are two

ways to do this? (Choose two.)

A. Open the Backup-Archive client GUI with the -virtualnode option, choose restore, and select the

file to be restored.

B. Open the Backup-Archive client command line interface and allow access to a specific file with

the set access command.

C. The owner of node A tells the TSM administrator the password of the node so that the web

client can be used to restore the specific file.

D. Open the Backup-Archive client GUI with the node name of the restoring node, select Utilities,

access another node, and pick the file to be restored.

E. Open the Backup-Archive client GUI and select Utilities, Node Access List, and grant

permission to the specific file and the node from where the data will be restored.

Answer: B,E


A solution implementer has been provided the following security requirements to implement a

solution for a company to transact business with its business partners. ?Message Confidentiality none

can see the message in transit in clear text between the company and partner end points

?Message Integrity – no man-in-the-middle tampered with the message between the company and

partner end points ?Non-repudiation – be able to verify the senders are who they say they are

What actions should the solution implementer take to satisfy all the requirements?

A. Use SSL and create a digital signature solution with sign and verify actions.

B. Use SSL and create an asymmetric encryption on the message with encrypt and decrypt


C. Use SSL since it satisfies all the requirements without the use of either encrypt/decrypt actions

or sign/verify actions.

D. Use symmetric encryption and share the encryption key with the partner for both request and


Answer: A


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