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Which three actions can be done in the Rich Page Editor? (Choose three.)

A. Edit element properties.

B. Compare different skins using the Split view.


Drag from the Palette view to create dojo widgets.

D. Drag from the Palette view to create HTML form tags.

E. Preview the layout with all browsers installed in the local machine.

Correct Answer: ACD


Which two components are created during configuration of space-efficient storage in an extent pool?


volume and virtual space

B. background copy and target copy


virtual space and repository space


source volume and target volume

Correct Answer: C


What type of cloud model is provisioned for exclusive use by a specific selection of consumers

from organizations that have shared concerns (e.g., mission, security requirements, policy, and

compliance considerations)?

A. Public cloud

B. Hybrid cloud

C. Private cloud

D. Community cloud

Answer: D



A solution implementer has created a Deployment Policy to scan through configuration objects

when they are imported and to remove any references to appliance specific settings such as the

Ethernet addresses. Which of the following Deployment Policy settings would provide this

functionality? (choose two)

A. A Filtered Configuration with a list of the objects that are to be included.

B. A Filtered Configuration with a list of the objects that are to be excluded.

C. A Rejected Configuration with a list of the objects that must be rejected during import.

D. A Modified Configuration with rules specifying Delete Configuration for the object references to

be removed on import.

E. An Accepted Configuration with a list of the correct values for the properties for any named

objects that will be updated during import.

Answer: B,D



Click the Exhibit button.

If the Cloud Governance Model included Highly Available Cloud Service in the Cloud Governance

by Objective layer (top), which three options would be included in the Cloud Operations

Governance layer (bottom)? (Choose three.)

A. The cloud service must include a disaster recovery plan.

B. The cloud service must include automation to restart a failed virtual machine.

C. The cloud service must have enough spare nodes to meet expected demand.

D. The cloud service network infrastructure must not have any single points of failure.

E. The top 10 vital cloud consumer business applications running in the cloud service must be

available 99.99% 24×7.

F. The cloud service must include a change management process that thoroughly tests changes

before including them in the production environment.

Answer: A,B,F



To provide a consistent mechanism for locating serviceability information, IBM Tivoli

Access Manager for e-business V6.1.1 provides the ability to use Tivoli Common Directory

logging. How is Tivoli Common Directory enabled?

A. it is enabled by default

B. by the Tivoli Access Manager runtime configuration file

C. during the configuration of any Tivoli Access Manager-component

D. by setting the value enable_tcd=true in the Tivoli Common Properties file

Answer: C



What is the result of running the following command: dsjob -report DSProject ProcData

A. Generates a report about the ProcData job, including information about its stages and links.

B. Returns a report of the last run of the ProcData job in a DataStage project named DSProject.

C. Runs the DataStage job named ProcData and returns performance information, including the

number of rows processed.

D. Runs the DataStage job named ProcData and returns job status information, including whether

the job aborted or ran without warnings.

Answer: B



Refer to the exhibit to answer the question.

A retail company is in the process of defining a product catalog. The requirements specify that the

product be uniquely identified by its SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and contain a product name, a

product description, and a price. Additionally, some products can have up to five accessories.

Each accessory is a product by itself. Therefore, only the SKU of the accessories need to be

related to the product. Finally, it is also a requirement to enable addition of a promotion code that

would be effective during a specific period of time.

Every product in the catalog falls under a product category. The product category will be cross-

referenced in multiple places in the document. Which of the following is a valid document

fragment that satisfies this need?

A. <category idref=


Companycom is about to purchase a POWER5 Enterprise server which requires two Ethernet

ports and two disks for each of the four LPARs. It has been configured and validated using the

IBM eConfig tool. Which of the following is very important to verify in addition to the eConfig


A. Total number of SCSI adapters

B. Total number of Ethernet adapters

C. Total number of Ethernet adapters and number of SCSI paths per LPAR

D. Total number of SCSI paths available and total number of SCSI adapters

Answer: C


An administrator needs to restore a physical file DATALIB/SMALLFILE from a Save 21 backup of library DATALIB. DATALIB has several hundred large database files plus other objects.

The administrator has the job log and output from the last full save of DATALIB. What should the administrator do to restore SMALLFILE in the shortest time?

A. Run the RST command for object “/QSYS.LIB/DATALIB.LIB/SMALLFILE.FILE”

B. Delete SMALLFILE, run RSTLIB specifying *NEW objects, and specify library DATALIB as the starting library.

C. Run RSTLIB for library DATALIB specifying the position parameter for SMALLFILE in library DATALIB from the output of the save.

D. Run RSTOBJ for DATALIB/SMALLFILE specifying the position and sequence number for SMALLFILE

in library DATALIB from the output of the save. Correct Answer: D

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