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A design company has a process with 4 activities. The activity that occurs first is Submit Design

and it is implemented as a Human Service. The next two activities, Review Design Engineering

and Review Design Colors, occur in parallel, are always executed, and are both implemented as a

Subprocess. The final activity Approve Design, is implemented as a Human Service and occurs

after Review Design Engineering and Review Design Colors have both been completed.

Select the business process diagram that matches the description of the company\’s process.

A. Exhibit A

B. Exhibit B

C. Exhibit C

D. Exhibit D

Answer: B


The system administrator overseeing the IBM Sterling Order Management installation has

requested that the QA team provide a version number with each build deployed to production. This

version number will then be used to ascertain the version of the configuration present in

production. How should the QA manager satisfy this request?

A. The QA manager does not have to do anything because the version number is inserted

automatically by the build process into the web.xml fileand will be made available by the

application server.

B. The QA manager should request the development team implement a user exit of the

getSystemProperties API such that the API will return theversion number of the configuration

currently deployed.

C. The QA manager should use the data versioning feature provided by the Configuration

Deployment Toolkit. The system administrator can thenlaunch the Applications Manager to view

the version details.

D. The configuration version number should be present in a custom table and updated with each

build. The APIs generated by the IBM SterlingOrder Management database extensibility

framework can be used by the system administrator to identify the version.

Answer: C



Operations management has identified a list of activities for its staff to perform in their DataPower

appliances. The solution implementer has installed WebSphere Appliance Management Center

(WAMC) V5. What activities can the solution implementer recommend to operations management

to perform with WAMC? (choose 3)

A. Create and delete domains and services.

B. Perform a secure backup at the appliance level.

C. Perform a standard backup at the domain level or the appliance level.

D. Deploy firmware from the WAMC repository to one or more appliances at a time.

E. Download firmware upgrades from IBM Fix Central into the WAMC repository.

F. Upload files such as style sheets and schemas from the WAMC repository to the appliances.

Answer: A,B,D



A customer asks for the thermal load (BTU/hr) to determine whether their existing cooling system will

support the IBM System Storage DS8000. Where can the sales representative find this information?

A. IBM System Storage DS8000: Introduction and Planning Guide

B. IBM DS8000 Interoperability Matrix on the support page on the web

C. IBM System Storage DS8000: User\’s Guide

D. IBM System Storage DS8000: Solution Assurance Guide

Correct Answer: A


What XSL construct is BEST used when designing XSL style sheets that can be influenced at


A system administrator wishes to create a configuration archive in order to create a similar

configuration on another system. Using the “Admin Task exportServer” functionality within

wsadmin, it is possible to export a configuration archive for which of the following items?

A. An application module

B. An enterprise application

C. A stand-alone application Server

D. A federated profile

Answer: C


An administrator is preparing an LPAR for Live Partition Mobility (LPM) and needs to move its storage to

external storage. After creating the virtual Fibre Channel adapter on the LPAR, the zoning between the

LPAR and the storage is established. What needs to be considered when zoning the storage?

A. Both WWPNs need to be zoned for the same LUNs for LPM to function properly.

B. The second WWPN should be zoned to a redundant switch for resilience.

C. The two WWPNs can be used to zone different LUNs to the same server.

D. The second WWPN must be zoned if multiple paths are being defined.

Correct Answer: A


A document imaging and management company is implementing a business process diagram which

requires a rules evaluation for the retention time of incoming documents. A BPM Analyst has requested

that these rules be created using a natural language technology within IBM Business Process Manager

V8.0. What decision service component should the BPM application developer use to create these rules?

A. BAL Rule

B. Server Script

C. Decision Table

D. JRules Decision Service

Correct Answer: A


In a hybrid cloud computing model, where can peak loads and less critical applications be moved

in order to improve service delivery and cost of computing?

A. Public cloud

B. Private cloud

C. Shared cloud

D. Community cloud

Answer: A



An inventory update job has identified all orders which do not have enough inventory to be fulfilled.

Manual intervention from a Customer Service Representatives (CSR) is required to process those

orders and inform customers. CSRs should be able to view them as a list of tasks, and be able to

update the status of individual tasks. Which action should be taken for these orders as part of the

inventory update job in order to handle this scenario optimally?

A. Add notes on such orders.

B. Place such orders on hold.

C. Raise alerts for such orders.

D. Add instructions on such orders.

Answer: C


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