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Which of the following is the correct procedure to update the BIOS on LS42 blades without using

the AMM?

A. Insert the UpdateeXpress Service Pack Installer (UXSPI) CD, boot the LS42 blade and follow

the prompts

B. Boot the blade to the Bootable Media Creator (BoMC) CD and follow the prompts

C. Press F1 when the LS42 system is booting, select Update BIOS, insert the diskette into the

diskette drive, and select OK

D. Use the Remote Supervisor Adapter virtual disk

Answer: B


When is it necessary to use xsd:import instead of xsd: include to combine two XML Schemas?

A. When the two XML Schemas are not on the local machine.

B. When two different teams write the two XML Schemas.

C. When the two XML Schemas belong to two different target namespaces.

D. When the two XML Schemas have nothing in common.

Answer: C


Using a disaster recovery facility, an administrator has just completed the successful recovery test of a production IBM i 7.1 LPAR with only *SYSBAS. Before leaving the facility, the administrator needs to prepare the partition for the next recovery test.

Which action will support this requirement?

A. On the recovery partition command line: PWRDWNSYS OPTION(*IMMED) RESTART(*INZ) ENDSBSOPT (*NOJOBLOG)

B. On the recovery LPAR: start dedicated service tools (STRDST). On the main menu select the option to work with disk data, then select the option to initialize the system.

C. On the recovery LPAR: initiate a “D Manual” IPL with the IBM i 7.1 I_Base DVD loaded. When prompted, select the option to “Install Licensed Internal Code and Initialize System”.

D. Press and hold the power button on the front of the CEC. After approximately 10 seconds, from the menu displayed on the console, select the option to “Install Licensed Internal Code and Initialize System”.

Correct Answer: C


Which special authority is required to install PTF5 on a system with the QSECURITY system value set to 40?





Correct Answer: A


A storage specialist wants to create a fixed-block volume in the extent pool P10, in rank group 0. Which of

these volumes cannot be created?

A. 2001

B. 2B00

C. 3A01

D. 5E00

Correct Answer: B

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