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A customer wants to purchase an IBM System Storage DS8700 to support a high-performance database

environment. Which technical solution gives the customer the best relationship between I/O performance

at the machine\’s backend vs. capacity installed in the machine?

A. additional installation of the first and second expansion frame will increase the backend performance


B. the usage of 300 GB/15k FC disks will give the server a high-performance backend capability

C. performance Accelerator restricts the number of disks connected to one device adapter pair to 32 disks

D. the second RIO-G loop between the base frame and the first expansion increases the backend


Correct Answer: C


In the context of a private cloud, which three management capabilities require identity

management and/or access management services in order to be consumed securely by end

users? (Choose three.)

A. Storefront

B. Partner Management

C. Storage Management

D. Customer Management

E. Virtualization Management

F. Metering and Billing Management

Answer: A,B,D



A solution implementer is tasked to use a DataPower appliance as an intermediary for providing Web 2.0

services. Which of the following features of Web 2.0 messages should the solution implementer be aware

of when designing the solution? (choose two)

A. Web 2.0 messages can arrive with an empty body.

B. Web 2.0 messages can be secured by WS-Security.

C. Web 2.0 use cases are best suited for a web service proxy service.

D. Web 2.0 REST messages can use HTTP POST methods like SOAP messages.

E. Web 2.0 message and a SOAP message cannot be processed by the same processing policy and front

side handler of a DataPower Service.

Correct Answer: AD


You have created three parallel jobs (Job A, B and C) in which the output of one job is the input to

the other job. You are required to create processing that manages this data relationship of the jobs

and provide job level restart-ability. What two tasks will accomplish these objectives? (Choose


A. Enable runtime column propagation for the job sequence running the jobs.

B. Set the \’Add checkpoints so sequence is restartable\’ option in the Sequencer job.

C. Enable the \’Add checkpoints so container is restartable\’ option for each of the parallel shared


D. Create two parallel shared containers that has the logic of Job B and Job C and include those

shared containers in the correct flow order within

the design of Job A.

E. Create a Sequencer job that has triggered events configured allowing Job A to run first, then

Job B to run when A completes successfully, and

then Job C to run when Job B completes successfully.

Answer: B,E



A 100MB input dataset has even distribution across 400 unique key values. When you run with a

4-node configuration file, which two changes could improve sort performance in this scenario?

(Choose two.)

A. Convert all numeric fields to varchars.


C. Alter the Sort stage properties to perform a stable sort.

D. Specify Round Robin partitioning on the input link to the Sort stage.

E. Specify “Restrict Memory Usage” to 60MB on the Sort stage properties.

Answer: B,E


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