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A process owner of an insurance company requests to receive an email if the amount of a loan is higher

than $50,000. After creating the custom Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Amount (currency) and

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associating it to the activity, how should the BPM application developer configure the Assignment Setting

to set the value of the KPI to the amount of the loan object? Uncheck “use KPI defaults”, and apply the

following settings.

A. Assignment Type: Select Absolute ValueValue: tw.local.loan.amount

B. Assignment Type: Select Absolute ValueValue: tw.perf.value = tw.local.loan.amount

C. Assignment Type: Select custom JavaScriptValue: tw.perf.value = tw.local.loan.amount

D. Assignment Type: Select custom JavaScriptValue: tw.local.loan.amount

Correct Answer: D


An IBM Worklight hybrid application supports Android 2.3 phones and tablets. It needs to be extended to

support Android 4 phones and tablets. After installing the Android 4 SDK, how can the IBM Worklight

Studio be used to accomplish this?

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A. Add a new application, environment, and create skins for Android 4 phones and tablets.

B. Add a new environment to existing application for Android 4, and create skins for Android 4 phones and



Add new skins for Android 4 phones and tablets to the existing Android environment, and

programmatically determine which skin to use atruntime.


Add new skins for Android 4 phones and tablets to the existing Android environment, and let

the runtime determine which skin to useautomatically.

Correct Answer: C


Which of the following statements concerning the use of elements and attributes in an XML

document is TRUE?

A. The use of attributes will allow for pattern matching of the content when a DTD is used with

the XML document.

B. The use of an XML Schema will allow for the use of datatypes to control the content of the


C. Both elements and attributes may be declared and controlled as complex types when the

document is used in conjunction with an XML Schema.

D- When using DTDs, elements should be used for critical values, since attributes cannot be


Answer: B


What is a valid integration strategy to an existing IBM endpoint security solution when IBM Tivoli

Service Automation Manager (TSAM) is used to create an Infrastructure as a Service cloud?

A. TSAM interacts with the hypervisor to trigger the installation of end point management

capabilities in the cloud.

B. Install an agent using its software stack installation capability. The endpoint solution will handle

the rest of the interaction.

C. TSAM will provision an instance of the existing endpoint security solution so that the newly

provisioned virtual machines can be related to the endpoint management domain.

D. Define virtual machine templates that have the required software already installed. Then TSAM

will orchestrate the interaction between the virtual machines and the corresponding endpoint

security solution.

Answer: B



The DNS server was updated with the new IP address of a remote system. Whenever the administrator tries to connect to the remote system from the local system, they are unable to do so.

Which action will resolve this issue with the least disruption to the network?

A. Remove the host route for the old IP address.

B. Run the CHGTCPDMN command to clear DNS cache.

C. Clear the APP cache on the administrator\’s PC.

D. Add a route with *NEXTHOP specified as the remote system name.

Correct Answer: B

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