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To enable snapshot differencing processing using the SnapDiff API, which command should be

used to set up a password on the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager client, if the N series volume is

mounted with the IP address

A. set password -type=filer administrator

B. set TSM.PWD -type=filer administrator

C. set password -type=filer administrator

D. update password -type=filer administrator

Answer: C


A developer has created a Worklight mobile application and wants to use the Android Virtual Device (AVD) — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

emulator to test it. To accomplish this, the developer has installed the ADT plug-in, Android 4.0 SDK

platform and created an Android environment for the application. What else does the developer need to do

before the AVD emulator can be used to test the application?

A. Export the application\’s .apk file to AVD Manager.

B. Use the AVD Manager to create an AVD for the Android 4.0 SDK platform.

C. Set the android:minSdkVersion property to “4.0” in the application\’s AndroidManifest.xml file.

D. No additional action is required. Worklight Studio automatically creates an AVD for the installed Android

SDK platform.

Correct Answer: B


Which of the following CORRECTLY describes the two letter abbreviations for the Mid-Atlantic

states of the USA?

NOTE: The Mid-Atlantic states are Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West

Virginia. Their abbreviations are MD, NC, PA, VA, and WV, respectively.

A. <xsd:simpleType name=


An administrator is attempting to install a VIO server on a Power 750, but is unable to connect remotely to

the console session. How can this be resolved?

A. Select the option to enable remote operation

B. Select the option to enable remote virtual terminal connections.

C. Use the vtmenu command to enable the virtual connection for the server.

D. Ensure the remote console daemon is running on the host.

Correct Answer: B


How does Worklight handle globalization of application messages?

A. It uses a user-provided JavaScript file.

B. It uses language-specific XML resources.

C. It uses a system-provided globalization file.

D. It uses a native language translation library.

Correct Answer: A

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