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An administrator adds a new virtual target device to a vhost adapter that already had target devices on it.

The client LPAR does not detect the new disk and the following error has been logged in the errlog:

What is the most likely cause for this situation?

A. The intr_lsi of the host adapter is set higher than that needed by the new drive

B. The intr_priority of the host adapter is set lower than that needed by the new drive.

C. The queue_depth parameter of the new drive is larger than those of the other drives provided by the

host adapter

D. The max_transfer parameter of the new drive is smaller than the rate already reported by the host


Correct Answer: D


Non-IBM supported Web server (start, stop and change configuration) must be managed from the

WebSphere Application Server V6 administrative console in a Network Deployment environment.

Which of the following processes has to be started on the WebServer machine that has been

configured as a managed node?

A. Deployment manager

B. Custom profile

C. Node agent

D. Application server

Answer: C


A system administrator was troubleshooting a problem after configuring the environment for the

remote plug-in (http://webserver-hostname/snoop does not work). The system administrator could

verify that http://app-server-hostname:9080/snoop and http://webserver-hostname are working

properly. Assuming that the system administrator used default values during the installation,

which log file will give more information about the problem?

A. error.log under HTTP Server los directory

B. http_plugin.log under PLUGIN logs directory

C. SystemOut.log under PROFILE logs directory

D. plugin-cf.xml under PLIGIN logs directory

Answer: D


A solution implementer is deploying four DataPower XI52 appliances in a production environment.

The requirement is to evenly distribute client traffic across all four appliances without using an

external load balancer. The firmware on these four appliances has the Application Optimization

feature enabled. A standby Virtual IP address (VIP) has also been configured on each appliance

with self-balancing enabled, and each VIP specifies the same standby group. No other appliance

network settings have been changed. What should the solution implementer verify with the

network team to ensure that this configuration will work? Ensure the network supports:

A. gratuitous ARP.

B. rapid spanning tree.

C. virtual MAC takeover.

D. multiple MAC addresses per Ethernet port.

Answer: A



A prospective client needs to combine Ethernet, FCOE, and iSCSI. They have not been able to

practically combine these in the past. Which of the following IBM products meets this need?

A. BladeCenter Open Fabric Manager (BOFM)

B. SAN Volume Controller (SVC)

C. Virtual Fabric forBladeCenter

D. Network Provisioning on Demand in the AMM

Answer: C

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