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Message traffic from a customer purchasing system is passing SOAP messages through a

DataPower XI52 appliance. A solution implementer uses a multi-protocol gateway to implement

WS-Security to encrypt the complete message. Which of the following parameters should the

solution implementer select to correctly configure the Encrypt action?

A. Envelop Method: WSSec encryption

Message Type : SOAP Message

Document Crypto Map : None

B. Envelop Method: WS-Security

Message Type : SOAP Message

Document Crypto Map : store:///encrypt_message.xsl

C. Envelop Method: Standard XML encryption

Message Type : SOAP Message

Document Crypto Map : store:///encrypt_message.xsl

D. Envelop Method: Advanced

Message Type : Raw XML document

Document Crypto Map : store:///ws_security_encrypt.xsl

Answer: A



Which cloud service model is most likely to use resource-based billing?

A. Platform as a Service

B. Software as a Service

C. Infrastructure as a Service

D. Business Process as a Service

Answer: C



A web service proxy is receiving orders from partners as SOAP messages. The service is required

to reject messages if the total order cost in the message does not match the sum of the individual

item costs. What can the solution implementer do to support this requirement?

A. Create an XML Schema that enforces the above business requirements and uses this schema

in a Validate action.

B. Create a style sheet which performs the mathematical comparison and uses either a

or , and use this in a Filter action.

C. Configure an SLM Statement with the Threshold Level that computes the total order cost, and if

it does not match the total value then throttlethe transaction.

D. Define the requirement in a WS-Policy attachment for the service. The web service proxy will

then automatically perform the mathematicalcomparison and reject any invalid messages.

Answer: B



Companycom is purchasing a p5 595 as part of a large server consolidation. They are planning

on using micropartitioning and Virtual IO to consolidate small machines. They used the rPerf

numbers for AIX 5.3 to size their solutions. They discovered that their application is not yet

certified on AIX 5.3, so they will have to use AIX 5.2. What changes should be made to their


A. Increase memory

B. Add more adapters

C. Increase both processors and adapters

D. Increase the number of processors by 20 – 30%

Answer: C


Companycom has been performing scheduled backups of their data to tape using “tar” in a script

for over one year with no problems. Recently, the tar command is returning a non zero return

code during the backup phase, causing the script to fail. What is the primary cause of this


A. The files have grown to over eight gigabytes in size

B. The file systems are corrupt, and fsck should be run

C. The tape block size has been changed from the default

D. The user\’s limit has been changed to less than eight gigabytes

Answer: A

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