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Users frequently overrun the amount of space intended for them, resulting in full home

filesystems. The customer is currently using AIX 5.3 with a mix of JFS and JFS2 filesystems.

Which of the following will contain the growth of the home filesystem space?

A. Implement disk quota for all home filesystems

B. Implement disk quota for the JFS2 home filesystems

C. Recreate the home directories as individual filesystems

D. Run the find command every night and delete all old files

Answer: A


A Client sends a message to a multi-protocol gateway which uses HTTP basic authentication to

authenticate the Client by using LDAP. The parameters and transaction flow information is

provided below:

How is the Client authenticated?

A. The user name and password part of the HTTP basic authentication message are used to log in

(bind) to the LDAP server.

B. The HTTP basic authentication is used with the DataPower XML authentication file. The output

credentials are used to authenticate the LDAPdirectory server.

C. The password that is sent by the Client using the HTTP basic authentication header is a critical

part of the LDAP query and is used for thegenPassword() algorithm for Client bind LDAP


D. The LDAP bind DN and password are used to authenticate the appliance to the directory

service and the Client\’s user name and password areused to build the LDAP credentials to

authenticate the Client.

Answer: D



An administrator has installed a new client partition and has used vSCSI to provide the disk for rootvg. The

rootvg consists of one single disk, hdisk0, which is provided using a single SAN device presented to a dual

VIO server configuration. The client virtual SCSI adapters are vscsi0 and vscsi1The administrator would

like to prioritize I/O traffic for vscsi0.Running which command will achieve this?

A. chdev

B. chvpath

C. chpath

D. chattr

Correct Answer: C


While updating an enterprise application on a production cluster running across multiple

machines, a system administrator must ensure that the application relains available at all times to

the users. After updating the application components, what srep can be used to accomplish this


A. On the last page of the Enterprise Application -> Update wizard, click Rollout Update

B. Select System Administration -> Nodes, select node names and click Full Resynchronize

C. Select Enterprise Application -> [application name] -> Stop and then Enterprise Applications >[

application name] -> Start

D. Select Servers -> Clusters ->[clustername] -> RippleStart

Answer: A


The system ASP on an IBM i 7.1 partition contains a mixture of Solid State Disk (SSD) units and Hard Disk Drive (HDD) units.

The system administrator needs to move the most accessed application physical and logical files to SSDs. What should the system administrator do to permanently migrate the physical and logical files to SSDs?

A. Migrate the data using the command STRASPBAL TYPE(*HSM) ASP(1).

B. Migrate the data with the command STRASPBAL TYPE(*MP) SUBTYPE(*SSD).

C. Use the CHGLF and CHGPF commands to specify the preferred storage unit as *SSD

D. Restore the physical and logical files using the RSTOBJ command, specifying *SSD as the storage unit

Correct Answer: C

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