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A solution implementer is tasked to use a DataPower appliance as an intermediary for providing

Web 2.0 services. Which of the following features of Web 2.0 messages should the solution

implementer be aware of when designing the solution? (choose two)

A. Web 2.0 messages can arrive with an empty body.

B. Web 2.0 messages can be secured by WS-Security.

C. Web 2.0 use cases are best suited for a web service proxy service.

D. Web 2.0 REST messages can use HTTP POST methods like SOAP messages.

E. Web 2.0 message and a SOAP message cannot be processed by the same processing policy

and front side handler of a DataPower Service.

Answer: A,D



Which command will help an administrator to find the IBM i Navigator jobs?





Correct Answer: B


A system Administrator is trying to connect the Virtual Ethernet that enables the communication

between logical partitions on the same server to an external network. The System Administrator

wants to use Shared Ethernet Adapter(SEA) to accomplish this. There are four partitions: 2 AIX

5.3 partitions, 1 AIX 5.2 partition and one Virtual IO Server that need to use SEA. After setting up

a Shared Ethernet Adapter, none of the partitions are reaching the external network. Besides

turning on ipforwarding, what is another probable cause?

A. With a Shared Ethernet Adapter, MAC addresses are not visible to the outside systems. They

require individual Ethernet cards in each partition. This can then be routed to the outside


B. The Shared Ethernet Adapter acts as a layer 2 switch, but ARP and NDP do not work on SEA.

Update the device drivers for Virtual Ethernet in all partitions and enable the RouteD daemon.

C. With a Shared Ethernet Adapter, the POWER Hypervisor component is required. The Shared

Ethernet Adapter also requires systems to have a dedicated physical I/O slot and a physical

network adapter in each client partition.

D. The Shared Ethernet Adapter service runs in the Virtual IO Server and acts as a layer 2

switch. The Virtual IO Server has to be configured with at least one physical Ethernet adapter.

There are no device drivers for Virtual Ethernet at AIX 5.2.

Answer: D


An internet client is requesting a servlet from their web browser. Assuming that all internet client

requests are first routed to an IP sprayer, which of the following components would typically be

involved in the flow of the request from client to servlet?

A. JMS server, LDAP server, and EJB container

B. External HTTP server, HTTP server Plug-in, and web container

C. Embedded HTTP server, web container, and EJB container

D. Embedded HTTP server, JMS server, and authentication proxy server

Answer: B


A Client sends a message to a multi-protocol gateway which uses HTTP basic authentication to

authenticate the Client by using LDAP. The parameters and transaction flow information is

provided below:

How is the Client authenticated?

A. The user name and password part of the HTTP basic authentication message are used to log in

(bind) to the LDAP server.

B. The HTTP basic authentication is used with the DataPower XML authentication file. The output

credentials are used to authenticate the LDAPdirectory server.

C. The password that is sent by the Client using the HTTP basic authentication header is a critical

part of the LDAP query and is used for thegenPassword() algorithm for Client bind LDAP


D. The LDAP bind DN and password are used to authenticate the appliance to the directory

service and the Client\’s user name and password areused to build the LDAP credentials to

authenticate the Client.

Answer: D


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