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A bank has requested proposals for a storage solution to upgrade their disaster recovery processes for

their IBM System z, UNIX, and Microsoft Windows environment. The solution must simulate a multi-site

environment and provide the customer the ability to evaluate Metro Mirror, Global Mirror, Global Mirror for

z/OS, and FlashCopy. 120 TB physical capacity is required per site. Only Fibre Channel drives can be

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used. Which solution best meets the specified requirements?

A. two DS8700 systems with two-way processor cards and 600 GB FC drives

B. two DS8700 systems with four-way processor cards and LPAR

C. two DS8700 systems with two-way processor cards and two frames per system

D. two DS8700 systems with four-way processor cards and two frames per system

Correct Answer: D


After installing IBM i 7.1 on a brand new system, only the QSECOFR user profile can login on the system console. The administrator copied the QSECOFR profile into a new user profile. When attempting to login with the new user profile, the following error is displayed:

“CPF1110 not authorized to work station.”

What is causing the error?

A. The DST Console type was not set during installation of the Os.

B. The QLMT5ECOFR system value is set to require explicit device access.

C. The limit device session parameter (LMTDEV55N) on the new user profile is set to tYE5.

D. The system does not allow automatic workstation device creation for users with *ALLOBJ authority.

Correct Answer: B


Which three files are associated with the pdbackup command on a Windows server?

(Choose three.)

A. pdinfo.lst

B. pdbackup.lst

C. pdinfo.lst_ddmmmYYYY.hh.mm.dar

D. pdinfo–instance.lst_amwebbackup

E. amwebbackup.lst_ddmmmYYYY.hh.mm

F. pdinfo-amwebbackup-instance.lst_ddmmmYYYY.hh.mm.dar_amwebbackup

Answer: A,B,C



A developer is preparing a Worklight mobile application for deployment to a production environment where

the Worklight Server core database is stored on DB2 and must be accessed using the WorklightDS data


Which database properly settings must the developer specify in the application\’s worklight. properties file

to properly configure it for deployment to the production environment?

A. wl.db.type=DB2wl.dta.url=jdtac:db2:WorklightDS

B. wl.db.type=DB2wl. db. j ndi.name=j dbc/WorklightDS

C. wl.db.driver=com.ibm.db2.jcc.DB2Driverwl. db. j ndi.neune=jdbc/WorklightDS

D. wl.db.driver=com.ibm.db2.jcc.DB2Driverwl.db.url=jdbc:db2:WorklightDS

Correct Answer: B

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A customer with a small IT budget has one data center. Their main application is a database running on an

IBM System Storage DS8000. The database has a data change rate of 50% per day. Once a week, they

must do a point-in-time backup from the database to tape. The time it takes to run the backup now exceeds

the backup window allowed. The customer requests a proposal to reduce database downtime

caused by running backups, with nearly zero impact to production volumes. In addition to the tape backup,

which DS8000 feature should a technical specialist propose?

A. FlashCopy

B. FlashCopy SE

C. Metro Mirror

D. Global Mirror

Correct Answer: A

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