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An IBM Business Partner suggests an IBM System Storage DS8000 to a customer with a SAN that is now

configured with an EMC Symmetrix subsystem disk. The customer wants to determine if new HBAs and

software upgrades are needed on the servers if the EMC storage is replaced by the DS8000 What

document must be carefully read to help address the customer\’s concerns?

A. IBM System Storage DS8000: Host Systems Attachment Guide

B. DS8000 Interoperability Matrix

C. IBM System Storage DS8000: Introduction and Planning Guide

D. IBM System Storage Solution Handbook

Correct Answer: B

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(Stylesheet A imports stylesheets B and C in that order; stylesheet B imports stylesheet D;

stylesheet C imports stylesheet E:

Stylesheet A

Stylesheet B

Stylesheet D

Stylesheet C

Stylesheet E

The order of processing precedence from LOWEST to HIGHEST would be:

A. E, C, D, B, A

B. D, B, E, C, A

C. A, C, E, B, D

D. A. B C, D, E

Answer: B


A batch job is running a report at priori 50 on a system using IBM defaults for job run priorities. The report results are needed as soon as possible without disrupting interactive users.

Which run priority value will support the requirement?

B. 20

C. 40

D. 60

Correct Answer: C


A developer needs to call a Java class that is packaged in a JAR file from an adapter. Where should this

JAR file be placed in the project\’s folder structure?

A. server/java

B. server/lib

C. adapters/java

D. adapters/lib

Correct Answer: B


An administrator with an HMC managed POWER7 system needs to perform a concurrent update to server firmware. Which co-requisites and/or prerequisites should the administrator consider as part of the planning process?

A. Available flash storage on the system FSP

B. IBM i, Licensed Internal Code PTE5, and HMC code level

C. Ability\’ of the HMC to attach to the Internet and the IBM Support ETP site for the download

D. Service window to place the system partitions into restricted state and perform a platform IPL

Correct Answer: B

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