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An administrator has migrated a full IBM i 7.1 system from a POWER5 server to a new POWER7 server and has completed testing the migrated system. IFS directories /DIR1 and /DIR2 must now be refreshed with current production data prior to going live on the new sewer.

Which option will refresh the directories, and remove objects related to the migration testing?

A. Save the directories from the production server with SAV OBJ((/DIRIP *INCLUDE) (*/DIR2rtIN0LuDE)) PVTAUT *YES)Restore the directories with RST OBJ((/DIRIP *INCLUDE *SAME) (*/DIR2P INCLUDE *SAME))PVTAUT(*YES)

B. SAVSECDTA Save the directories from the production sewer with SAV OBJ(QJDIRIP INCLUDE) (*/ DIR2 *INCLUDE))Restore the directories with RST OBJ((/DIRIP INCLUDE *REPLACE) (*/DIR2 * INCLUDE *REPLACE))RSTUSRPRF *AllRSTAUT*All

C. Use RMVLNK */DIRIP and RMVLNK */DIR2 /*SAVSECDTA Save the directories from the production sewer with SAV OBJ((YDIR1P INCLUDE) (YDIR2 * INCLUDE))Restore the directories with RST OBJ((/ DIRIP INCLUDE *SAME) (*/DIR2P INCLUDE *SAME))RSTUSRPRF *AllRSTAUT*All

D. WRKLNK `/\’ then select option 2 and use option 9 to remove the directories.Save the directories from the production server with SAV QBJ((7DIRIP INCLUDE) (*/DIR2P INCLUDE)) PVTAUT *YES)Restore the directories with RST OBJ((/DIRIP INCLUDE *SAME) (*/DIR2P INCLUDE *SAME)) PVTAUT(*YES)

Correct Answer: D


A customer has a VIO server which runs on internal disks. It can not support an outage during normal

business hours. Which action can the administrator take that will support this requirement AND improve

overall system availability?

A. Use the -P flag when setting disk quorum.

B. Use the -D flag when creating a backup device.

C. Use the -defer option when mirroring the rootvg.

D. Use the -immed option when creating a hot spare disk.

Correct Answer: C


An administrator wants to extract archived data to an existing directory c:\amwebtest on a

Windows machine. Which command(s) can be used? pdbackup -a restore -f

c:\pdbackup\amwebbackup.lst_22dec2005.10_22.dar -path c:\amwebtest pdbackup -a

extract -f c:\pdbackup\amwebbackup.lst_22dec2005.10_22.dar -path c:\amwebtest

pdextract -f c:\pdbackup\amwebbackup.lst_22dec2005.10_22.dar -path /amwebtest

A. only command 1

B. only command 2

C. only command 3

D. commands 1 and 2

Answer: B



An application uses commitment control and has the following attributes: Physical files in library: APDATA Logical files in library: APLE Journals in library: APJRN Journal receivers in APJRNPCV

Application objects must be saved at a transaction boundary.

Which parameter of the SAVLIB command of the following supports this requirement?





Correct Answer: D


In order to achieve communication between the default configured Policy Server and

WebSEAL, which firewall ports must be opened between these two components?

A. ports 80 and 443

B. ports 389 and 636

C. ports 6881 and 6999

D. ports 7135 and 7234

Answer: D


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