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The solution implementer is testing a new service and finds that the client is receiving a soap fault

response during the test.

The default-log shows the following:

What conclusion can the solution implementer determine by analyzing and interpreting the above


A. Parsing began on the message and failed due to mismatched XML tag.

B. Parsing of the URL began and too much memory was used when the request started.

C. The connection was terminated due to a client IP address parsing problem.

D. The connection did not reuse a persistent connection and triggered a parse error on the


Answer: A



When the HTTP plug-in configuration file is regenerated either manually or automatically the file

must be propagated to the Web servers. If a system administrator needs to configure automatic

propagation of the plugin-cfg.xml file for an Apache HTTP server, which of the following tasks

must be performed?

A. Enable session management for the HTTP server

B. Configure the HTTP server on a managed node.

C. Automatic propagation is not supported, the plugin-cfg.xml file must be transferred manually

D. Set the automatic propagation flag in the pluin-cfg.xml file.

Answer: B


If a system administrator is creating a wsadmin script, and within the script it is necessary to

create several JMS Connection Factories and JDBC. Dtasources, which of the following wsadmin

scripting objects should be used?

A. AdminConfig

B. AdminControl

C. AdminApp

D. AdminTask

Answer: A


An administrator needs to upgrade users\’ IBM i Access for Windows emulators to use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. The administrator used the Microsoft Windows administrator account to complete a successful upgrade and subsequent test. After re-booting the Windows PC, users log in using their ID. When users launch the IBM i Access emulator and log into the IBM i server, the emulator session is not SSL secured, even after the successful installation.

What is most likely cause of the problem?

A. The Windows client IP address is being blocked by the exit point QIBM_SSL_DEVINIT.

B. The IBM i Access for Windows emulator shortcut for users\’ desktops were not configured for SSL.

C. The IBM i Access for Windows emulator supports SSL only when run from a Windows administrator account.

D. The Windows client has been assigned a new IP address from the DHCP server which is not registered with the System i SSL server.

Correct Answer: B


A solution implementer creates a request to the XML Management Interface as shown in the following


The XML Management Interface configuration on all appliances is configured with the property “SOAP

Management URI” enabled. There may be other unsaved changes in this domain. Which of the following

statements about the request are true? (choose 2)

A. Using no URI for the request will be successful.

B. Using a URI for the request of /service/mgmt/current will be successful.

C. Only the logging target configuration will be saved.

D. Only the remote address property of the logging target object will be modified.

E. The request will modify the logging target object\’s remote address property and set its other properties

to their default values.

Correct Answer: AD

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