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Companycom has a p690 server with unused fiber (HBA) host bus adapters (feature code 6228)

that they would like to reuse. They are interested in implementing Advanced Power Virtualization

features particularly Virtual IO. What is the best way to proceed?

A. Upgrade the p690 to a p5 590 server running AIX 5.3

B. Upgrade the p690 server to AIX 5.3 and implement Advanced Power Virtualization

C. Purchase a p5 590 with minimum resources and simply reuse the p690 unused fiber HBA


D. Purchase a p5 590 that has all the needed resources and adapters for Advanced Power


Answer: D


What should an administrator do to enable remote SQL between IBM i systems?

A. Create a *RMTSQL device description for the target system.

B. Use ADDRDBDIRE to add remote locations for the target system.

C. Create a DDM Pile in QUSRSYS with the name of the target system.

D. Use CRTCPGL to create a *RMTSQL type configuration list and add the target system to the list.

Correct Answer: B


In the Configured Rules section of the Policy Editor, two request rules are listed, Rule_One,

followed by Rule_Two, and both use the same matching rule.

What occurs when a message that satisfies the matching rule is received?

A. Only Rule_One will be executed since it is the first rule that matches the request.

B. Rule_One will be executed, followed by Rule_Two, since all rules that satisfy the match are


C. This policy will fail during execution, since it cannot be determined which rule should be


D. The policy will not be applied, since the Policy Editor will not allow a configuration of rules that

have the same match.

Answer: A



For testing purposes, a system administrator needs to disable automatic propagation of the

plugin-cfg xml file for an HTTP server which has already been configured on a managed node.

Which of the following steps must be performed from within the administrative console?

A. Select Environment->Update Web Server Plug-in, uncheck the “Automatically propagate the

plug-in configuration file” option

B. Select Environment ->Virtual Hosts, uncheck the “Automatically propagate the plug-in

configuration file” option

C. Select Server, select an application server, select Web container, uncheck the “Automatically

propagate the plug-in configuration file” option

D. Select Servers->Web servers, click the Web server, select Plug-in properties, uncheck the

“Automatically propagate the plug-in configuration file” optio n

Answer: D


A system administrator is making sure that the SSL communications between the plug-in and the

application server are as secure as possible. While configuring SSL for the plug-in what steps

should be taken to ensure the BEST possible security?

A. Replace the private key

B. Replace the plugin-key kdb file

C. Remove the public key

D. Remove the DummyKeyring kdb file

Answer: B

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