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A company discovers a bug in one of the HTML pages of a Worklight hybrid mobile application that it has

recently published to the Android Google Play store. It has fixed the bug and re-deployed the application to

the production Worklight Server without changing its version number. Which additional administrative step,

if any, must be performed for the update to take effect the next time a user accesses the application on a


A. No additional administrative steps are required.

B. Re-publish the application to the Android Google Play store.

C. Change the application status to Updated in the Worklight Console.

D. Change the application status to Updated in the Worklight Console and re-publish the application to the

Android Google Play store.

Correct Answer: A


The user ABC, class *USER, and belongs to the APPLICATION group. The user is running the Edit Object Authority (EDTOBJAUT) command against the FILE1 physical file, but the command fails with the message “Not authorized to change authorities”.

The APPLICATION group has *CHANGE authority to the physical file FILE1. User ABC has no other authorities to the FILE1 and can display the file data without any problem.

Adding which authority for the APPLICATION group will allow user ABC to run the EDTOBJAUT command against the PILE 1 physical file?





Correct Answer: A


A storage specialist needs to create a new host connection using the DSCLI. Which of the following

parameters identifies the host?

A. hosttype

B. volume group

C. ioports


Correct Answer: D


The difference between XML Schema simple type and complex type is:

A. Only the predefined XML Schema types such as string and date are considered to be simple


B. A simple type is used only for defining attributes.

C. A complex type is used only for defining elements.

D. A pattern facet can only be associated with simple types.

E. Only complex types can have attributes.

F. Only simple types can have attributes.

Answer: E


The following changes are made to a Worklight mobile application: 1.Web resources of version 1 (v1) are

updated and deployed to the Worklight Server. 2.A new version 2 (v2) is deployed with its updateSilently

property set to true. What will be the direct update user experience on a device running v1 of the

application when the user chooses to receive update?

A. v1 is uninstalled first followed by a silent installation of v2.

B. v1 web resources are updated first followed by a silent installation of v2.

C. v1 web resources are reloaded after the update and the application remains on v1.


The user is prompted to choose between updating v1 or installing v2 in the background.

Correct Answer: C

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