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After an abnormal IPL, jobs that are accessing some files for the first time are spending an extended amount of time in a status of “IDX” and are taking longer to complete.

Which command should be used to enable all pending access path rebuilds to be analyzed, prioritized, and immediately executed rather than waiting for first access?





Correct Answer: B


A developer writes a Worklight push notification application and creates the following: 1.An event source

2.An adapter to retrieve the notification from the event source 3.A function to notify the user device 4.A

function to handle the arriving notification Which two actions still need to be done? (Choose two.)

A. Deploy the adapter to the server.

B. Deploy the event source to the server.

C. Create a function to verify the user device.

D. Create a function to subscribe to the event source.

E. Register the event source for the device on the console.

Correct Answer: AD


A solution implementer has been provided the following security requirements to implement a

solution for a company to transact business with its business partners. ?Message Confidentiality none

can see the message in transit in clear text between the company and partner end points

?Message Integrity – no man-in-the-middle tampered with the message between the company and

partner end points ?Non-repudiation – be able to verify the senders are who they say they are

What actions should the solution implementer take to satisfy all the requirements?

A. Use SSL and create a digital signature solution with sign and verify actions.

B. Use SSL and create an asymmetric encryption on the message with encrypt and decrypt


C. Use SSL since it satisfies all the requirements without the use of either encrypt/decrypt actions

or sign/verify actions.

D. Use symmetric encryption and share the encryption key with the partner for both request and


Answer: A



An administrator is installing Worklight Server on a stand-alone machine in a QA environment and has

already performed the following steps: 1.Created and initialized the Worklight databases 2.Defined and

configured the required application server resources Which additional step must the administrator perform

to use the Worklight Console to verify successful installation?

A. Deploy the Worklight Console adapter file.

B. Install the Worklight sample customization WAR file.


Set the worklight.home JVM custom property to the location of the Worklight Console folder.


Copy the worklight-jee-library.jar file to the application server\’s Worklight library folder.

Correct Answer: B


An organization has a sales team dedicated to create Sales Orders for the XTZ Enterprise. What

is the correct configuration for the team?

A. Document Type Access = Sales Order and Enterprise Access = XTZ Enterprise

B. Document Type Access = Sales Order and Enterprise Access = Inherited Enterprise Access

C. Document Type Access = Default Document Type Access and Enterprise Access = XTZ


D. Document Type Access = Default Document Type Access and Enterprise Access = Default

Enterprise Access

Answer: A


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