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A customer has purchased three IBM System Storage DS8700 systems and would like to have their

administrators trained. Which training alternative provides the necessary training with the least financial


A. purchase the training CD for the disk subsystem and have the staff do self-paced training

B. have the IBM Service Support Representative perform the training

C. contact IBM Education Services for an onsite training class

D. send one person at a time to an IBM training session

Correct Answer: C


During analysis, a developer working in the retail industry is told that the following entities and

relationships exist:

– an invoice contains one or more line items

– a line item is for a quantity of a product

– a product has a unique identifier, a name, and a price

– a type of product can be sold as part of many invoices

Which of the following is the BEST representation of this set of requirements?

A. <Invoice lineltemQuantity=


A customer has no available floor space for expansion and room for only one disk enclosure pair in their

DS8700. Four disk enclosure pairs are required to meet the current I/O needs of a data warehousing

application. They are only utilizing 10% of their total capacity. Another application workload needs to be

added to the system but requires two disk enclosure pairs. The customer is considering SSD and Easy

Tier. Which of the following is the primary function of Easy Tier?

A. reduce power consumption per unit of storage

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B. balance the total workload with other DAs


automatically moves hot spots to the appropriate resource


SANtiering permits more flexibility by adding additional data paths

Correct Answer: C


A production application is hosted across two Power 750 Express servers, managed by an HMC. Each

machine has 16 cores and 32GB RAM. Four 8GB LPARs are defined across the two systems and only 3

LPARs are active at once. Live Partition Mobility is used to maintain availability when maintenance is


A test environment is being built across two Power 550 Express servers. Each machine has 8 cores and

16GB RAM. Four 4GB LPARs will be defined across the two systems, again only 3 will be active at once.

To isolate the test and production environment, the test environment is managed by two IVMs.

Two LPARs have been created on each test server. The administrator initiates a Live Partition Mobility

operation to test moving LPARs between the servers.

The migrlpar command fails to migrate the 4th LPAR with the following error:

“The target managed system does not have enough available memory to create the partition.”

Because the 4th LPAR was inactive, it was expected that an inactive migration would be successful.

Why would this inactive migration fail on the test environment, but succeed on the production


A. IVM-managed systems do not support inactive migrations.

B. IVM-managed systems reserve RAM allocations, even for inactive LPARs.

C. The target managed system already has the maximum number of partitions.

D. Active Memory Sharing (AMS) or Active Memory Expansion (AME) is required for RAM over


Correct Answer: B


Library APPLIB on a test system contains a new application. The private authorities for objects in the library have been set as they should be on the production system.

What should the administrator do to migrate the application to the production system?

A. Run SAVLIB APPLIB with the Save Access Path parameter set to *AUT on the test system. Run RSTLIB APPLIB on the production system.

B. Run SAV OBJ(/QSYS.LIB/APPLIB.LIBP) with the Private Authorities parameter set to *AUT on the test system. Run RSTOBJ APPLIB on the production system.

C. Run SAVLIB APPLIB with the Private Authorities parameter set to *YES on the test system.Run RSTLIB APPLIB with the Private Authorities parameter set to *YES on the production system.

D. Run SAVOBJ OBJ(*All) LIB(APPLIB) TYPE(*All), followed by a SAVLIBAUT APPLIB on the test system. Run RSTOBJ OBJ(*All) LIB(APPLIB) TYPE(*All), followed by RSTAUT (*LIB APPLIB) on production.

Correct Answer: C

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