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A Linux LPAR has been created and RHEL6 has been installed. The LPAR has the following


Processor Entitlement – minimum / desired / maximum

1.0 2.0 3.0

A DLPAR operation to add 1 processor entitlement fails. Which of the followings actions will resolve this


A. Upgrade to PowerVM Standard Edition.

B. Set /proc/sys/kernel/rsct_dlpar to 1.

C. Reboot the Linux LPAR and use the 64bit kernel

D. Install the IBM Installation Toolkit for Linux.

Correct Answer: D


Tiered disk systems (DS8700 and DS5020), tape backup and Cisco director(s) utilizing VSANs have been

proposed as a solution. The storage specialist is asked to explain the technical advantage of using Cisco

directors and VSANs. Which of the following is the key point to stress to the customer?


a single director and VSANs provides redundant fabrics at reasonable cost

B. prevent disk and tape traffic from sharing a host port


ease of implementation of Administrative Domains

D. ability to easily create a DS8700 LPAR to send data directly to tape

Correct Answer: B


An LPAR was created on a POWER6 system with default processor/memory settings. It was migrated from

the POWER6 system to a POWER7 system. Over time, that LPAR has been shutdown and restarted.

An administrator now needs to migrate the LPAR back to the POWER6 system, but it fails to validate.

There have been no changes in the LPAR profile, network, or in the SAN configuration. Which action will

enable the operation to complete successfully?

A. Set the processor mode to default on the source profile and restart the LPAR.

B. Set the processor mode to POWER6 on the source profile and restart the LPAR.

C. Set the processor mode to Shared on the source profile and restart the LPAR.

D. Set the processor mode to Dedicated on the source profile and restart the LPAR.

Correct Answer: B


An administrator needs to access the HMC remotely from a browser on a desktop. When user ID “hscroot” is used, the authentication is successful. However, when user ID “admin” is used, the authentication fails, even though the ID has hmc super user as the Task Role. The user “admin” can sign on locally at the HMC.

What is the likely cause of the problem?

A. The web access password for “admin” is expired.

B. Only user “hscroot” has authority to the ETH1 device.

C. The user “admin” is not a member of the “webadmin” group.

D. Allow Remote Access via the Web has not been checked for the user id “admin.”

Correct Answer: D


Several IBM i partitions at a customer site provide outdated contact information to IBM when problems are reported. Which command should be used to correct the contact information?




D. WRKCNTINE, option 2

Correct Answer: D

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