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To enable snapshot differencing processing using the SnapDiff API, which command should be

used to set up a password on the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager client, if the N series volume is

mounted with the IP address

A. set password -type=filer administrator

B. set TSM.PWD -type=filer administrator

C. set password -type=filer administrator

D. update password -type=filer administrator

Answer: C


An administrator is interested in installing PowerVM Lx86 software on a new Power 770 for a proof of

concept. Which of the following statements about PowerVM Lx86 is true?

A. PowerVM Lx86 can be implemented on VIO server 2.1 FP21 and higher.

B. PowerVM Lx86 supports only 64 bit applications that run in x86 real mode.

C. PowerVM Lx86 allows for many x86 Linux applications to run on supported versions of Linux on Power.

D. PowerVM Lx86 allows for x86 Linux applications to run under AIX 6.1 or 7.1 Enterprise Edition.

Correct Answer: C


A BPM application developer has created three process applications containing multiple business

processes to automate a customer\’s order fulfillment activities. During development, a single

tracking group was used in the three process applications to support a reporting solution that will

track data across all three process applications. How will the BPM application developer retrieve

data from the Performance Data Warehouse while completing the implementation of the reporting

solution? The data will be retrieved from:

A. a single database view, with an ID to distinguish each implementation.

B. a single database view, with a single ID to identify the collection of implementations.

C. three database views, with an ID to distinguish each implementation.

D. three database views, with a single ID to identify the collection of implementations.

Answer: A


The solution implementer is testing a new service and finds that the client is receiving a soap fault

response during the test.

The default-log shows the following:

What conclusion can the solution implementer determine by analyzing and interpreting the above log?

A. Parsing began on the message and failed due to mismatched XML tag.

B. Parsing of the URL began and too much memory was used when the request started.

C. The connection was terminated due to a client IP address parsing problem.

D. The connection did not reuse a persistent connection and triggered a parse error on the response.

Correct Answer: A


A customer with a small IT budget has one data center. Their main application is a database running on an

IBM System Storage DS8000. The database has a data change rate of 50% per day. Once a week, they

must do a point-in-time backup from the database to tape. The time it takes to run the backup now exceeds

the backup window allowed. The customer requests a proposal to reduce database downtime

caused by running backups, with nearly zero impact to production volumes. In addition to the tape backup,

which DS8000 feature should a technical specialist propose?

A. FlashCopy

B. FlashCopy SE

C. Metro Mirror

D. Global Mirror

Correct Answer: A


A solution implementer needs to integrate a DataPower appliance with an IMS COBOL

application. The multi-protocol gateway is created with an HTTP Front Side Handler and an IMS

Connect backside URL of the form dpims://. The EBCDIC Header Conversion is configured as

“on” in the IMS Connect object. What benefit(s) can the solution implementer achieve by using this

Header Conversion option?

A. Converts IMS headers to ASCII encoding

B. Converts IMS headers to EBCDIC encoding

C. Converts both IMS headers and payload to ASCII encoding

D. Converts both IMS headers and payload to EBCDIC encoding

Answer: B



A solution implementer is given the requirement to capture only a subset of messages emitted by a

particular service to its own custom logging target. The solution implementer uses an

statement in the style sheet referenced by the transformation actions. How does the solution implementer

meet this requirement?

A. Define an object filter, use it in the statement and define a log target that uses that

object filter.

B. Define a new event filter, use it in the statement and define a log target that subscribes

to that event filter.

C. Define a log category, use it in the statement and define a log target that subscribes to

that event category.

D. Define a new log target and an object filter which filters messages based on the name of the

DataPower service hosting the application.

Correct Answer: C


A customer has a primary (A) and a secondary (B) local data center. Now they plan to setup a third data

center (C) approximately 700 kilometers away. All centers use DS8000. They need to have mission critical

data available and consistent in all three sites. IBM is proposing a Metro Global Mirror solution. Which of

the following licensed functions are required in the secondary (B) local data center machine?.

A. Metro Global Mirror license, Metro Mirror license, Volume Copy license

B. Metro Global Mirror license, Metro Mirror license, Global Mirror license

C. Metro Global Mirror license, Global Mirror license

D. Metro Mirror license, Global Mirror license,FlashCopy license

Correct Answer: B


Companycom has just purchased a p5 570 with AIX 5.3. The customer would like to add a

training LPAR to the system, but no processors are available. All of the partitions are using

dedicated resources. The test LPAR is using one processor and has a 90% CPU idle rate. What

can be done to setup this training LPAR quickly without disabling their current environment?

A. Use AIX 5.3 which supports micro-partitioning for both the test and training LPARS

B. Use DLPAR to move resources from the test LPAR to training when training is active

C. Install Partition Load Manager to share resources between the test and training environments

D. Install Advanced Power Virtualization and then use micro-partitioning for both the test and

training LPARs

Answer: D


Which statement describes a recognized security risk with programs that adopt authority?

A. Items in IFS directories can be altered.

B. The users job will retain elevated authority when the program ends.

C. If the program opens a command line, a user will have access to the system at elevated authority.

D. If the program calls another program, the called program cannot avoid running at elevated authority.

Correct Answer: C

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