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A customer has the following equipment installed in their data center:

–an IBM BladeCenter H chassis

–two power supplies

–six LS21 blades

–twoNortel L27 GESMs

The customer purchased a new LS22 7901 blade server and a BladeCenter Storage and I/O (SIO)

Expansion blade with two 146GB SAS drives. The customer is now unable to load a supported

network operating system to the LS22. Which of the following must be done so the operating

system can be successfully loaded?

A. add two additional power supplies

B. update the BIOS and firmware of the LS22

C. use theServeRAID Manager to create the RAID array

D. use theServerGuide CD to install the operating system

Answer: A


A company wants to run the schedule agent in multiple environments each having different

provider URL values for their JMS queues. However, they do not wish to modify the agent

configuration on each environment to the corresponding provider URL value. How can this be


A. Set the provider_url value in the sandbox.cfg file on each environment correctly.

B. Set the value of the yfs.agent.override.providerurl property in the file.

C. Set the value of the yfs.agent.override.providerurl property in the file.

D. Override the value of the yfs.yfs.agent.override.providerurl property in the file.

Answer: D



The system administrator overseeing the IBM Sterling Order Management installation has

requested that the QA team provide a version number with each build deployed to production. This

version number will then be used to ascertain the version of the configuration present in

production. How should the QA manager satisfy this request?

A. The QA manager does not have to do anything because the version number is inserted

automatically by the build process into the web.xml fileand will be made available by the

application server.

B. The QA manager should request the development team implement a user exit of the

getSystemProperties API such that the API will return theversion number of the configuration

currently deployed.

C. The QA manager should use the data versioning feature provided by the Configuration

Deployment Toolkit. The system administrator can thenlaunch the Applications Manager to view

the version details.

D. The configuration version number should be present in a custom table and updated with each

build. The APIs generated by the IBM SterlingOrder Management database extensibility

framework can be used by the system administrator to identify the version.

Answer: C



A performance analysis of a customer application revealed that the overhead of persistent HTTP

sessions was the main contributor to performance slow down. All of the following factors will help

with improving the performance of persistent HTTP session performance EXCEPT:

A. Reducing the size of the session object

B. Invalidating unneeded sessions

C. Increasing the memory available

D. Increasing the cache overflow size.

Answer: D


An IBM Business Partner has sold a DS5020 and new IBM SAN switches to replace a customer EMC

storage infrastructure. The customer dissatisfaction has arisen during the installation because according to

the DS5020 interoperability matrix, two HP Proliant servers running Exchange have FC HBAs that are not

supported. Which of the following is the most probable cause of the customer dissatisfaction?

A. The EMC storage specialist has not participated in the TDA meeting

B. The FC HBAs are 4 Gbps technology

C. The Technical and Delivery Assessment review actions were not executed

D. The customer should have checked that the HBAs are supported according to the HP storage

interoperability matrix

Correct Answer: C — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass


Which journaling capability was added in IBM i 7.1?

A. End journaling can be done while a journaled file is in use.

B. Journals larger than 1TB can have remote journals attached to them while in use.

C. Remote journals are automatically compared and verified during suspend and resume operations.

D. When starting journaling of the physical file, all logical files will automatically have their access paths set for SQL optimization.

Correct Answer: A


A system administrator needs to gather performance data for several databases that are

accessed by the applications on a particular server. The system administrator has decided to use

the Tivoli Performance Viewer to monitor each application\’s database access. Which of the

following performance modules would provide the required performance data?

A. JDBC Connection Pools

B. Thread Pools

C. System Data

D. Transaction Manager

Answer: A


Companycom has just purchased a p5 570 with AIX 5.3. The customer would like to add a

training LPAR to the system, but no processors are available. All of the partitions are using

dedicated resources. The test LPAR is using one processor and has a 90% CPU idle rate. What

can be done to setup this training LPAR quickly without disabling their current environment?

A. Use AIX 5.3 which supports micro-partitioning for both the test and training LPARS

B. Use DLPAR to move resources from the test LPAR to training when training is active

C. Install Partition Load Manager to share resources between the test and training environments

D. Install Advanced Power Virtualization and then use micro-partitioning for both the test and

training LPARs

Answer: D


What is the meaning of the highest schedule priority (PTYLMT) parameter, when set to 0 on the CHGJOB JOBPTY(0) command?

A. A job is moved to the very top of the job queue

B. A system job is moved to the very top of the processor queue

C. A batch job is put in *HLD status while it is on a job queue

D. The job\’s spooled files are moved to the very top of the output queue

Correct Answer: A


A P0WER7 system has been recently installed and 4 uncapped shared processor LPARs have been


The use of Multiple Shared Processor Pools has been decided upon for licensing and performance


When adding PROD1 to the Production pool via the command line, the following error is given “This

operation is not allowed because the partition is using dedicated processors”

Why is this error being received?

A. P0WER6 mode is enabled

B. LPAR has not been powered on

C. LPAR has been powered on

D. The Pool has insufficient processor units

Correct Answer: B

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