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What is one reason the customer should install IBM DS8000 Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology for

the Call Home function?

A. to avoid using a more expensive dial-up modem — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

B. to load new licensed internal code

C. to achieve more efficient and faster problem resolution

D. to enable capacity on demand

Correct Answer: C


Which statement is true about cloud computing architecture?

A. It is built on established trends such as virtualization.

B. It requires the introduction of new technologies such as hypervisors.

C. It requires a large amount of upfront investment to transform the data center.

D. It requires most applications to be reconstructed so that they can be deployed on cloud.

Answer: A



What is the result of running the following command: dsjob -report DSProject ProcData

A. Generates a report about the ProcData job, including information about its stages and links.

B. Returns a report of the last run of the ProcData job in a DataStage project named DSProject.

C. Runs the DataStage job named ProcData and returns performance information, including the

number of rows processed.

D. Runs the DataStage job named ProcData and returns job status information, including whether

the job aborted or ran without warnings.

Answer: B



A customer has an IBM System Storage DS8700 and wants to reach the highest possible throughput in the

back-end for a storage-pool-striped volume out of an extent pool with 8 ranks. Over how many device

adapter pairs should a technical specialist spread the workload?

A. 2

B. 4

C. 6

D. 8

Correct Answer: D


The solution implementer configured a multi-protocol gateway (MPGW) service to process

WebSphere MQ messages using the same MQ queue manager object for both the front end and

back end. A request rule in the processing policy sends a message to queue A and then to queue

B in a single transaction by using a “Result Action”. The MQ URL for the back end contains the

“Transactional=true” tag. The output type of the “Result Actions” is set as “Binary” and the

OUTPUT context has a named variable. What are the additional configuration options that the

solution implementer needs to guarantee message delivery for both back-end queues?

Specifically, if any one message fails, the entire transaction will roll back.

A. Configure two phase commit in the backend WebSphere MQ queue manager.

B. Configure “Units of Work = 1” and “Automatic Backout = off ” in the MQ queue manager object.

C. Configure “Units of Work = 1” and “Automatic Backout = on”; “Backout Threshold” and

“Backout Queue” defined in the MQ queue managerobject.

D. DataPower cannot support this use case as an MQ queue manager object only works with

global transactionality.

Answer: C


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