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Given the following code:

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What will the alert(WL.Client.getUserPref(\’key1\’)); show?

A. The alert will not show since WL.Client.setUserPref cannot be called in the for loop since it is an

asynchronous function.

B. updatedValue1 since WL.Client.setUserPref({\’key1\’ : \’updatedValue1\’}); will replace the value of key1

set in the for loop.

C. value1, updatedValue1 or null since WL.Client.setUserPref is an asynchronous function and there is no

guarantee which call, if any,will return first.


value1 since WL.Client.setUserPref(\’key1\’, \’updatedValue1\’); will fail because WL.Client.deleteUserPref

(\’key1\’) was notcalled before setting the new value.

Correct Answer: C


A client has bought an IBM System Storage DS8000 and needs to attach a Sun Solaris Host with 2 HBAs

via one fabric to 4 I/O ports on the DS8000. The client needs redundant paths to the volumes on the

DS8000. What is the maximum number of volumes that can be used on the Solaris host?

A. 256

B. 512

C. 1024

D. 2048

Correct Answer: C


A customer wants to compare a number of models within the POWER7 family to determine which is the

best fit for their requirements. What centralized source would allow them to compare availability of

Capacity on Demand and supported Hot-plug functions?

A. POWER7 Press kit

B. Techline POWER7 compendium

C. POWER Reference Guide

D. Facts and Features Report

Correct Answer: D


Based on the image displayed, which subsystem is exempt from changes by the IBM i automatic tuning function?





Correct Answer: A


An administrator has migrated a full IBM i 7.1 system from a POWER5 server to a new POWER7 server and has completed testing the migrated system. IFS directories /DIR1 and /DIR2 must now be refreshed with current production data prior to going live on the new sewer.

Which option will refresh the directories, and remove objects related to the migration testing?

A. Save the directories from the production server with SAV OBJ((/DIRIP *INCLUDE) (*/DIR2rtIN0LuDE)) PVTAUT *YES)Restore the directories with RST OBJ((/DIRIP *INCLUDE *SAME) (*/DIR2P INCLUDE *SAME))PVTAUT(*YES)

B. SAVSECDTA Save the directories from the production sewer with SAV OBJ(QJDIRIP INCLUDE) (*/ DIR2 *INCLUDE))Restore the directories with RST OBJ((/DIRIP INCLUDE *REPLACE) (*/DIR2 * INCLUDE *REPLACE))RSTUSRPRF *AllRSTAUT*All

C. Use RMVLNK */DIRIP and RMVLNK */DIR2 /*SAVSECDTA Save the directories from the production sewer with SAV OBJ((YDIR1P INCLUDE) (YDIR2 * INCLUDE))Restore the directories with RST OBJ((/ DIRIP INCLUDE *SAME) (*/DIR2P INCLUDE *SAME))RSTUSRPRF *AllRSTAUT*All

D. WRKLNK `/\’ then select option 2 and use option 9 to remove the directories.Save the directories from the production server with SAV QBJ((7DIRIP INCLUDE) (*/DIR2P INCLUDE)) PVTAUT *YES)Restore the directories with RST OBJ((/DIRIP INCLUDE *SAME) (*/DIR2P INCLUDE *SAME)) PVTAUT(*YES)

Correct Answer: D

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