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An administrator is creating a WPAR with isolated file system spaces. Before creating the WPAR, what

should the administrator do?

A. Add the IP address of the new WPAR to the /etc/hosts file in the global environment

B. Ensure the bos.wpars fileset is installed on the system.

C. Add the /wparfilesystem to the global environment

D. Ensure the target disk for the WPAR is not in use.

Correct Answer: C


How can WebSEAL communicate with an external third party authentication system using

the External Authentication Interface (EAI)?

A. WebSEAL uses the Authentication API based on MQ messaging.

B. WebSEAL uses HTTP requests and headers to communicate with the third party.

C. WebSEAL uses Java calls in the WebSEAL configuration in order to enable and

configure the EAI.

D. The third party system must compile its code using the available IBM Tivoli Access

Manager for e-business C libraries.

Answer: B



A Web infrastructure based on IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business V6.1.1 with a

junction to a SharePoint machine is not performing properly. All traffic is on HTTPS due to

the sensitive information that is shared with the customers. Customers are complaining that

it takes quite a while before a Web page is returned and completely loaded. During

investigation of the problem the following command is used:server task websealdinternet_

01 show /webThis command shows that amount of active worker threads is 15.

Later that day it is checked again and shows 12 active worker threads. What is likely the

problem based on this information?

A. A denial of service (DoS) attack is hitting WebSEAL.

B. The connected back-end server on junction/web is not responding.

C. The GSKit cannot handle the amount of SSL decryption and encryption.

D. The connected back-end server on junction/web cannot handle the amount of HTTP


Answer: D



The user ABC, class *USER, and belongs to the APPLICATION group. The user is running the Edit Object Authority (EDTOBJAUT) command against the FILE1 physical file, but the command fails with the message “Not authorized to change authorities”.

The APPLICATION group has *CHANGE authority to the physical file FILE1. User ABC has no other authorities to the FILE1 and can display the file data without any problem.

Adding which authority for the APPLICATION group will allow user ABC to run the EDTOBJAUT command against the PILE 1 physical file?





Correct Answer: A


During the pre-installation planning of a customer\’s recently purchased IBM System Storage DS8700 the

port configuration, cabling, and disk layout were discussed. What other topic should be discussed in this

solution review?

A. LPAR capacity planning

B. logical volume configuration

C. data migration process

D. audit hosts for HBA worldwide port names

Correct Answer: C

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