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Which utility is available to list archive data, service information, and configuration

information within IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business V6.1.1?

A. pdinfo

B. pdbackup

C. pdversion

D. tar -tvf

Answer: B



Which statement is true regarding minimum patch level requirements for the IBM Tivoli

Access Manager Application Development Kit (ADK) on Windows XP?

A. Service packs are not required.

B. ADK does not run on Windows XP.

C. Windows XP Professional Version Service Pack 2 is required.

D. IBM Tivoli Access Manager will suggest the required fix pack level once it is installed.

Answer: C



What is saved with the SAVSYSINF command?

A. All security\’ data, PTF status, and configuration objects

B. A subset of the SAVSYS command including PTFs applied since the last SAVSYS

C. Network attributes, IP configuration, hosts table, routes, and line descriptions

D. System values, network attributes, IPL attributes, job schedule entries, and cleanup settings

Correct Answer: B


A new system is being implemented with NPIV storage. The administrator checks disk availability and

notices that there are more disks than expected, and that some are already in use.

What is the cause of this?

A. SAN single initiator zoning was configured.

B. NPIV zoning is disabled.

C. SAN multi-initiator zoning was configured.

D. NPIV zone mapping has duplicate WWPNs.

Correct Answer: C


What is the syntax to specify the client certificate in step-up authentication?

A. level = ssl

B. level = cert

C. level. = ssl

D. level. = cert

Answer: A


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