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The solution implementer wants to set up the Interoperability Test Service (ITS) to simplify service

development for the DataPower developers. How can the solution implementer provide this


A. Download the Resource Kit from IBM Fix Central, and supply the Resource Kit test clients to

the developers.

B. Download the Resource Kit from IBM Fix Central, enable ITS, and supply the Resource Kit test

clients to the developers.

C. Download the ITS configuration and Resource Kit from IBM Fix Central, import and enable ITS,

and supply the Resource Kit test clients to thedevelopers.

D. Download the ITS configuration and Resource Kit samples from the DataPower information

center, import ITS, and supply the test clients to thedevelopers.

Answer: B



Given the following code:

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What will the alert(WL.Client.getUserPref(\’key1\’)); show?

A. The alert will not show since WL.Client.setUserPref cannot be called in the for loop since it is an

asynchronous function.

B. updatedValue1 since WL.Client.setUserPref({\’key1\’ : \’updatedValue1\’}); will replace the value of key1

set in the for loop.

C. value1, updatedValue1 or null since WL.Client.setUserPref is an asynchronous function and there is no

guarantee which call, if any,will return first.


value1 since WL.Client.setUserPref(\’key1\’, \’updatedValue1\’); will fail because WL.Client.deleteUserPref

(\’key1\’) was notcalled before setting the new value.

Correct Answer: C


A developer is creating a custom time-triggered transaction that will verify the credit card limit of all

orders which have a payment mode as credit card and the buyer is not a registered buyer. Which

abstract function does the developer need to implement to retrieve such orders?

A. getJobs

B. getTasks

C. getOrders

D. executeJobs

Answer: A



In the Configured Rules section of the Policy Editor, two request rules are listed, Rule_One, followed by

Rule_Two, and both use the same matching rule.

What occurs when a message that satisfies the matching rule is received?

A. Only Rule_One will be executed since it is the first rule that matches the request.

B. Rule_One will be executed, followed by Rule_Two, since all rules that satisfy the match are executed.

C. This policy will fail during execution, since it cannot be determined which rule should be executed.

D. The policy will not be applied, since the Policy Editor will not allow a configuration of rules that have the

same match.

Correct Answer: A


The XML spec constrains the valid values for an ID attribute. Which of the following is FALSE?

A. ID attribute value cannot begin with and contain any whitespace.

B. ID attribute value cannot begin with a number.

C. ID attribute value cannot match the value of an existing IDREF attribute value.

D. ID attribute value has to be unique throughout the whole XML document.

Answer: C

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