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An administrator has installed a Linux LPAR using virtual storage and virtual networking on a POWER7

system and is attempting to DLPAR additional memory into the LPAR. They see the following error

message during the DLPAR operation.

Which action will resolve this issue?

A. Add the HMC to the /etc/hosts file.

B. Configure a network on the same subnet on the HMC.

C. Install the IBM Installation Toolkit for Linux

D. Upgrade the version on Linux to support memory DLPAR.

Correct Answer: C


A developer is debugging a form-based authentication and at a point the issue is narrowed down to the

challengeHandler object. The following implementation describes the challenge handler:

What is the problem with this challenge handler?

A. The user is not implementing the mandatory challenge handler functions submitFailure() and


B. The user credentials should be sent to the server using a secured protocol. The correct definition

is:var reqURL = \’https://myhost:80/worklight/j_security_check\’;.

C. The variable reqURL cannot include the hostname and port. The correct definition is:var reqURL = \’/


D. The function createChallengeHandler() is not properly invoked, it also takes the security test. The

correct definition is:var cHandler = WL.Client.createChallengeHandler(\’test1\’, \’realm1\’);.

Correct Answer: C


A customer\’s SAN environment has undergone significant growth over the past two years. They have also

suffered a high turnover rate with administrative personnel. The customer has asked a storage specialist

for help in documenting and understanding their changing SAN environment. The ability to make

configuration changes to devices would be a plus. Which tool should the storage specialist suggest?

A. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Fabric Manager

B. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Basic Edition

C. IBM TivoliNetView


Disk Magic

Correct Answer: B


An administrator is creating several LPARs on a new Power Systems server. The administrator knows that

Live Partition Mobility (LPM) will be used to distribute the workload between this new machine and several

others in the environment. In addition to ensuring all storage is allocated through Virtual IO servers, what

else must the administrator take into consideration when creating the new LPARs?

A. LPAR names in the environment must be unique.

B. Redundant error path reporting must be configured.

C. Only LPARs belonging to the same workload group can be moved between servers.

D. The Virtual IO server code level must be the same across all servers.

Correct Answer: A


Which tool can be used to report and take various actions on all user profiles with passwords that match the profile name?





Correct Answer: A

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