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An administrator needs to access an IBM i console remotely through the HMC. To which P address should the administrator telnet, using port 2300, to get console access?

A. To the IP address of the FSP

B. To the IP address of the HMC

C. Over SSH to the HMC and then select the 5250 option

D. To the Service Tools P address of the IBM i partition

Correct Answer: B


An HTTP adapter is deployed on a Worklight server. Which steps need to be taken by the developer to

receive data from the adapter in an application?

A. Create an invocationData object that contains the adapter and procedure names and send it through

the WL.Server.invokeProcedureAPI with the onSuccess and onFailure callbacks.

B. Create an invocationData object that contains the adapter and procedure names and send it through

the WL.Client.invokeProcedureAPI with the onSuccess and onTimeout callbacks.


Create an invocationData object that contains the adapter and procedure names and send it through

the WL.Client.invokeProcedureAPI with the onSuccess and onFailure callbacks.


Create an invocationData object that contains the backend URL and procedure name and send it

through theWL.Client.invokeProcedure API with the onSuccess and onTimeout callbacks.

Correct Answer: C


What is a key differentiator between a DS8700 and DS8800 for a customer looking for a high capacity

solution at the lowest cost?

A. DS8700 supports SATA drives

B. DS8800 supports more physical drives

C. DS8700 supports 2.5″ disk drives

D. DS8800 supports 4Gbps FC drives

Correct Answer: A


A client needs to add a third Fiber Channel Adapter (HBA) to communicate with tape resources

on a Logical Partition (LPAR). An empty slot has previously been assigned to the partition. What

command would the administrator use to determine which slot is empty so that the hot-add tools

can be used?

A. lsslot -c pci

B. lsdev -Cc slot

C. lsattr -El adapter

D. lscfg -v |grep pci

Answer: A


A customer has a clustered application deployed to a very stable WebSphere sell. The HTTP

Session are persisted to a database. Under heavy load, which of the following Write Frequency

settings would yield best performance?

A. End of Servlet service

B. Time-based write to the session database

C. Update attributes only

D. Update cache only

Answer: B


A solution implementer has created a multi-protocol gateway to pass messages to a backend

server. The complete contents of all request messages should be logged; performance is a high

priority but the transaction should not fail if the log server is down. Which logging mechanisms

should the solution implementer use to satisfy both requirements?

A. Add an SQL action to the start of the request rule for the message that uses an INSERT


B. Add a Log action to start of the request rule for the message and set the Asynchronous option

to On.

C. Add an MQ Log Target for the request message with an Object Filter referencing the service

handling the request.

D. Add an Extract action to the start of the request rule for the message setting the XPath field to

“/” to extract the complete request message.

Answer: B



A company has just purchased a new POWER7 server running IBM i 7.1 to replace an older system running V5R4M5. Due to a mistake by a programmer on the V5R4 system, data was accidently deleted. To recover, the administrator backs up the deleted data to virtual tape on the 7.1 server and attempts to restore it on the V5R4 server. The restore on the V5R4 server fails with a message stating the data was saved from a more recent release of the operating system.

Which option will solve this problem?

A. Save the data to physical media.

B. Set the target release parameter to V5R4M0 when saving the data.

C. ETP the virtual tape image catalog from the 7.1 server using binary mode.

D. Use the target release parameter *RECOVER and the access path parameter set to VSR4MO.

Correct Answer: B


A developer is using a Worklight Studio installation that is configured with the Android 2.2 SDK and the

corresponding Google USB driver. The developer has connected an Android device to the machine via a

USB cable. The developer tries to run the application on the device but does not see the device listed as a

target. What can be a cause for this issue?

A. Worklight does not support testing on Android 2.2 devices.

B. Installed Google USB driver is deprecated and must be explicitly enabled.

C. Installed Google USB driver does not support the device connected to the machine.

D. The worklight.properties file of the application is not configured to allow USB connection.

Correct Answer: C


What are three valid interfaces to be Consumed from a cloud service provider for business to

business Software as a Service? (Choose three.)

A. Billing API

B. Secure FTP


D. Virtualization API

E. Monitoring interfaces

F. HTML-based user interlaces

Answer: A,E,F



A developer wants to create a procedure called getAccountInfo in a Worklight SQL adapter to retrieve

account information from a backend database. The procedure should invoke a SQL query that accepts an

accountID as parameter and returns the accountNumber, accountName and accountBalance of the

corresponding row in the Account table.

What is a correct implementation of the procedure in the adapter\’s JavaScript file?

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A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

D. Option D

Correct Answer: A

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