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What is a key differentiator between a DS8700 and DS8800 for a customer looking for a high capacity

solution at the lowest cost?

A. DS8700 supports SATA drives

B. DS8800 supports more physical drives

C. DS8700 supports 2.5″ disk drives

D. DS8800 supports 4Gbps FC drives

Correct Answer: A


A customer has an EMC Symmetrix DMX3000 that is at the end of lease. The environment consists of IBM

System p, IBM System i, and IBM System z. The customer is evaluating EMC, HDS, and IBM storage as

possible replacements. They are interested in comparing the performance of all three disk subsystems.

Which tool compares performance?

A. Capacity Magic

B. eConfig

C. TPC for Disk

D. Disk Magic

Correct Answer: D

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What utilities are available to monitor the Virtual IO Server performance?

A. sar, top and mon

B. ioo, vmo and topas

C. ifconfig and traceroute

D. Performance Toolbox Agent and Manager

Answer: B


A company has a 30 TB multi-vendor storage environment attached to System i and open systems. They

are concerned about the time and effort caused by frequent migrations to new storage hardware for open

systems data. In addition to consolidating their storage to a single platform, they would like to take

advantage of advanced features such as Easy Tier and implement a three-site business continuity

strategy. Which product provides the best long-term solution for this company?

A. IBM System Storage DS8000

B. IBM XIV Storage System

C. IBM System Storage N series

D. IBMStorwize V7000

Correct Answer: A


A retailer needs different types of items to be associated with their corresponding provided

services. For example, all the televisions need to be associated with an installation service,

whereas microwaves need to be associated with a product demo service. What should be created

to help achieve this?

A. Create an asset for the item contains the associated service.

B. Create an item classification with the purpose set asservice Association

C. Create item attributes for each item type with purpose set asservice Association

D. Create item categories for each item type with purpose set asservice Association

Answer: B


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