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A system administrator was troubleshooting a problem after configuring the environment for the

remote plug-in (http://webserver-hostname/snoop does not work). The system administrator could

verify that http://app-server-hostname:9080/snoop and http://webserver-hostname are working

properly. Assuming that the system administrator used default values during the installation,

which log file will give more information about the problem?

A. error.log under HTTP Server los directory

B. http_plugin.log under PLUGIN logs directory

C. SystemOut.log under PROFILE logs directory

D. plugin-cf.xml under PLIGIN logs directory

Answer: D


A customer determines that run time of a weekly reporting job has begun to increase rapidly over the past several months. Examination of the file shows only normal size growth of less than 1%.

The entire file is read sequentially by key and is heavily I/O blocked for performance.

What should the administrator do to reduce run-time for the reporting job?

A. Override the file to SEQONLY(*YES).

B. Reorganize the file to remove deleted records.

C. Reorganize the rile in the sequence of the key field.

D. Increase the job\’s time slice and enable expert cache in the memory pool in which the job runs.

Correct Answer: C


An IBM System Storage DS8700 is being installed at a global corporation\’s headquarters location. The

storage must be available worldwide. A great deal of coordination is required to schedule this

implementation across the corporation. Who is best positioned to fill the role of implementation resource


A. IBM Service Support Representative

B. IBM Advanced Technical Support Representative


IBM Field Technical Support Representative

D. IT Manager of the customer

Correct Answer: D


Companycom is purchasing a p5 595 as part of a large server consolidation. They are planning

on using micropartitioning and Virtual IO to consolidate small machines. They used the rPerf

numbers for AIX 5.3 to size their solutions. They discovered that their application is not yet

certified on AIX 5.3, so they will have to use AIX 5.2. What changes should be made to their


A. Increase memory

B. Add more adapters

C. Increase both processors and adapters

D. Increase the number of processors by 20 – 30%

Answer: C


An administrator has installed a new HMC and needs remote command line access. The option for

“Remote Command Execution” has been selected, but ssh still isn\’t working.

What action must be performed to allow ssh connections?

A. Ensure the option for “Remote Operation” is selected.

B. Under “Manage Certificates”, create a New Certificate.

C. Use the ssh-keygen utility to generate a new key and add that key to the remote host.

D. Add “Secure Shell” to the list of Incoming Protocols in the Firewall Settings.

Correct Answer: D

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