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An administrator is designing a new system. Redundancy is critical, and cost must be kept as low as


The system planned is a Power 770 with 2 enclosures, each with a 10Gb IVE. It will support 6 dedicated

production LPARs, 8 development LPARs, and 2 VIO Servers. Production and development networks

must be separate from each other.

Which of the following network solutions supports the requirements above?

A. Utilize the Integrated Virtual Ethernet adapter in each enclosureAllocate 1 logical port from each IVE in

each enclosure to each LPAR and VIO ServerConfigure 802.1Q on each LPAR

B. Allocate Integrated Virtual Ethernet adapters ports to the VIO ServersConfigure a Shared Ethernet

Adapter for production and another for developmentAllocate virtual network devices to LPARs

C. Use dedicated Ethernet cards in each Production LPAR using Ether channelAllocate two dedicated

Ethernet cards to the VIO ServersCreate a SEA and use for development LPARs

D. Run dedicated adapters in the VIO ServersConfigure a Shared Ethernet Adapter for production and

another for developmentAllocate virtual network devices to LPARs.

Correct Answer: A


Which of the following would NOT qualify as a QUESTION NO:158

A new sales user attempts to sign on to the system. The user is immediately signed oft. The users job log

contains the message CPE981 0: Library SALESLIB not found.

All sales applications are located in the ASP named SALES.

Which parameter should the administrator set in the user profile to correct this error?





Correct Answer: A


Some system values were changed as the result of an audit. The administrator noticed that saves are faster, but that recoveries now take longer to complete. Which system value setting would cause this to happen?

A. Setting the QDSKCMP system value to 1 to compress the data on disk

B. Setting the QPERADJ system value to 2 to dynamically adjust the performance

C. Setting the QSAVACCPTH system value to 0 indicates that access paths will not be saved

D. Setting the QALWQBJRST system value to *ALWVLDERR to allow the restore of programs with validation errors to be restored

Correct Answer: C


After an upgrade from IBM i 5.4 to 7.1, an administrator is performing a disaster recovery (DR) test. LIBRARYA contains logical files that are based on physical files in LIBRARYB.

The restore procedure states that the administrator must perform a second restore of LIBRARYA with the option *NEW to restore the logical files.

When the second restore is performed no logical files are restored.

Which statement explains why no logical files were restored?

A. The Reclaim Database Cross Reference (RCLDBXREF) command was not run after the initial restore.

B. During the initial save, the Allow Save (ALWSAV) attribute for the logical files was set to *NO.

C. IBM i 7.1 has the ability to defer the restore of logical files until the physical file is restored.

D. During the second restore the administrator must use the parameter Defer ID (DFRID) with the *DFT option to restore the logical files.

Correct Answer: C

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